OG Debate thread

I created a thread where an athiest and a believer will debate on wether there is a God. The athiest will debate as a believer and the believer will debate as an atheist. am looking for some athiests and believers to help me pick who the two will be. The atheists would pick the believer to debate for them, and the believers would pick the athiest to debate for us. Onlu blue namers will be allowed to pick, sense the debate is for black namers.
Also looking for an impartial mod to ref the debate.

Only the mod,the two debators, and myself will be allowed to post on the thread.

as discussed when this came up before i think it's a good idea to see how it will turn out.

i pick Joeytard for the aetheist side!

lol again, it's not to prove or disprove Christianity, it's to try and debate over wether the universe and life on Earth was intelligently created or it just happened. It is open to all believers be they Christian,Muslim, or Diest.

joey already has a blue name, the winner will get a blue name bought for them, by me.

yours in Christ



So an atheist will have to prove christianity and a christian will have to prove the atheist is going to hell?

How's that gonna work?


midiot ;)

please re read what I posted, only slower this time :)

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Mask, I want your name on the list...get over there

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Hey, when's this thing gonna kick off?

not today it looks like.

I am right, you are all wrong, recognize yo.

i don't think this thing is ever going to kick off

Hey, I'd like to debate for the Theistic view. In fact, I've found myself taking that position on the secular/Atheistic forums fairly often (not that I pretend to be a Theist, just that when I spot Atheists making poor arguments or unfair assumptions I can't help but point out counter argument from the Theistic side).

I personally feel it can be an important exercise. You get a feel for another view instead of simply dismissing it. Helps to keep the bias blinders a bit more clear.

Hmmm, maybe we could start with my defending "Faith" or something.

Problem is my time can suddenly disappear for rebuttals (as poor Fudomyoo knows), which sucks. Anyway, there's my offer...

Cheers friends.


Sherm, maybe instead of buying blue names for them you should give me money for my missionary work.

Also I would like to vote for someone besides myself to moderate the debate. And I would pick Armbreaker to debate the atheist side, but Joey is a great pick also.

the rev

rev, send me the information...again :) and actually I wanted you along with IBI to decide which athiest will argue the believer side. I don't think you or I would make a very good mod on this debate thread. :)

yours in Christ


I'd be interested in taking the atheist view.

Although I must admit that having prof as a opponent would make it a tough task.

send me an email


I forgot about prof, he could do it also.

the rev

rev ok.. If I send you some money do I get a really cool heros of the Bible coaster set like they give to "partners" on TBN? ;-)

hey who do you think would be a good choice for a thiest to argue for the athiests? I'm thinking Martial Shadow, but don't know if he's interested or if the other guys would even pick him.

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I'll argue either side, I'll just have to drink more to argue Christian.

Hmmm...it would be interesting to argue the "burden of proof" from the Theistic side too...

Just tossin' 'em out...


I would love to read it. I'm way to busy and on here way to much.

Not sure, I'd bet Martial would do a great job, rooster would do well, but I would go with Siamang.

the rev