OG Decide my Chinese Food

Sunday is my cheat day. I usually end it with a chinese combo plate from my local china man store. I usually get general tso or chicken with broccoli with pork fried rice. I dont want that tonight though. What are some other good options?

Mongolian beef. I have the same Sunday Chinese cheat session. Shit is delicious Phone Post 3.0

pu pu platter

Pepper steak is my goto but I suspect it's really pepper cat. It's still tasty. Phone Post 3.0

shrimp lo mein noodles.

Number 21. Phone Post

cream of sum yung guy

What exactly is a pu pu platter?

like an appetizer platter. differs from place to place

Mei Fun Phone Post 3.0

jason73 - cream of sum yung guy


Wonton noodles with bok choy. Phone Post 3.0

Sunday is my cheat day too. My favourite for Chinese is fried rice and pekinese shredded steak Phone Post

Most Chinese places have shitty "fried rice" with peas and carrots.

I fancy me some properly done pork fried rice (pork, green onions, eggs, bean sprouts and rice fried in dark soy sauce), sesame chicken, spring rolls...

Go Thai.

Pad se eww with chicken or beef is the bomb.com Phone Post

Singapore noodles. Phone Post

BTTMike - 

Go Thai.

Pad se eww with chicken or beef is the bomb.com Phone Post

I love Pad Se ew but its chinese tonight.

NastyNarwhal - 

Sweet and sour chicken, chicken fried rice, 6 crab rangoons. Phone Post

Leaning towards this or spare rib. Not sure if going with crab rangoon or fried wantons.