OG derivatives trader. AMA on the market

Might want to sell some weekly verticals with that.

Not only does it loom like its moving in the wrong direction. Time is working against you…So what you gonna do now, playa?

I got the $130.00 puts

Time isn’t a factor…yet. It definitely has moved against me, though. Holding on for the moment. May cut bait soon.

Its exponentially a factor. The trade was doomed for failure from the get go.

Time for options increases as a factor as your approach expiration. A few days of time decay when you are two and a half months away from expiration isn’t as big f a deal as when you are two weeks away from expiration.

Please tell me specifically why the trade was doomed from the start? Thanks

I thought it was too short duration, too directional, too OTM, and too long gamma.

I think it might get there by then, but the option won’t be worth what you paid for it…but we’ll see.

So you actually don’t know if it was doomed from the start

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Funny thing I noticed. I was playing around with my tradingview chart last year for the S&P500 using a 170MA for fun on the weekly since it correlated with previous bounces. I opened it recently for the first time this year and lo and behold it bounced right off it again. Perhaps June 16 was the bottom.

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yeah i see that macd hidden bullish on the weekly as well.

I think the coast is clear in the US for a few weeks barring any major geopolitical risks.

I could see it drift up to 4000 by the end of the month.

Anymore and the Feds starts clipping the wings.

I still believe 6/16 was the bottom.

I think you have the neckline on your head and shoulders pattern a bit off.

Could bet a slanted head and shoulders and it’s just rallying to the neck like now.

I wonder how long the market can keep going up.

I got all twisted up in short gamma trades.

This is quite the puzzle.

I bought a crapload of TQQQ a couple months ago. I noticed it’s moving this market pretty heavily right now.