OG derivatives trader. AMA on the market

Keep in mind that this is the derivatives thread. Here is a trade setup for SQQQ:

Sell the August 5th $40-50 bear call spread and buy the September 16 $40 Put.

You can get into that trade for about 3 fiddy.

Easy peezy.

Is the global gold market oversold and undersupplied?

OP - where do you think the market will bottom?

i think OP abandoned the thread and possibly the OG all together.

also going back to some of my predictions…a double dip recession looks pretty possible right about now not to mention a long economic downturn. NBER could have been called it last quarter (many said they should have). current prediction is at 0.3% growth.

I always laugh to myself when I see this thread’s title and remember where it is posted … lol

That both sucks and blows

Didn’t OP have a newborn and a fam? Always interested in his posts….also interested to see his answer of the last question.

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