OG doc. AMA on COVID-19

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well considering that the positive numbers have doubled, this shows that the actual rate of icu admittance and proportional death rate has actually decreased.

We haven’t cancelled elective surgeries in Montreal. For now.

we are run by school teacher who got beat up by an oger, and my province is run by a brother of a crackhead, with a chief medical officer who behaves more like michael in the office.

If I have o negative blood am I less likely to have severe symptoms or more likely to have immunity? If my o negative blood has antibodies detected in a test, can I make some money selling it?

Is prostate cancer surgery considered elective there? Just curious how I would be treated in Montreal.

Yes. It’s called convalescent plasma. Blood is in high demand right now with or without antibodies where i live.

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Depends where, but most physicians have tried to prioritize cancer cases.

In our kidney clinic, we review all requests for consultations. Patients who need to be seen within 2 weeks are still seen rapidly. But those that can wait have been delayed 6-12 months (instead of our usual 30 day policy)

You seem to have better prognosis than others due to your O- status.

One large study: https://www.acpjournals.org/doi/10.7326/M20-4511

As for your plasma, yes, some areas will pay you for it, although many centers have backed away convalescent plasma as therapeutic

Just got the J&J shot.

Do I really need to wait a day to take Tylenol if needed?

Who said you had to wait until taking tylenol?

Take it as needed!

Post vaccine article from Verywellhealth lol

No real need to take yet but you know they jabbed you that’s for sure

The only issue MAYBE is NSAIDs (advil), although I don’t believe it makes a difference.
But our vaccination center gave the green light to tylenol after vaccination.

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It’s probably been covered, but is there compelling data that the vaccines will still be useful if you have had and shook off covid with little/no symptoms? my wife daughter and I tested positive(all healthy - ages 52, 20, 54 - I think it will end up being South African variant), so I’m pretty comfortable with the immune response my body will develop and I’m guessing that the odds of getting a second serious infection or spreading to others it is pretty low- I get it that there are other variants and no one knows the duration of immuno-protection, but in my mind the same applies to the vaccines- thoughts appreciated, (I’ve never had the flu vaccine either ) - thanks!

J&J vaccines are now being paused in the US over blood clot concerns. Seems to be a mirror of what happened earlier with the AstraZeneca shot. Does the fact that they are both the same type of viral vector vaccines lead any more credence to the argument that there is a causal link from the vaccines to the clots? I assume we’re going to see the same thing with J&J where theyll start being used again after no causation can be inferred, but the fact that this pause has been warranted with both viral vector vaccines and only those vaccines definitely seems kinda sketchy.

The data suggests you can sustainably increase your antibody titers if you get 1 vaccine dose after COVID infection, which makes sense. But that’s a non-clinical parameter.

However, as you aptly out, your risk of being really sick after having COVID a first time is extremely small. You can consider getting 1 dose (a “booster”) in a few months, especially if there are many new mutated strains at that time. You can certainly wait it out for a while.

I didn’t mention this earlier, but the blood clots that have been reported are a little different than your usual blood clots. They occur in a context of a decrease in platelets, a little like HIT (heparin induced thrombocytopenia).

I believe, as do most researchers, that these clots ARE related to vaccines. Perhaps this will be only be limited to the vector vaccines, but no one cannot exclude that this will not happen with mRNA ones as well.

Regardless, these side effects at present appear extremely rare, alike what we see with heparin. And affects mostly young women.

9 extremely rare reactions out of 7 million doses.

Thanks for the response - we will probably watch and wait - especially even if you’ve had it and get the jab, the mask wearing and distancing rules still seem to apply