OG doc. AMA on COVID-19

What are odds to be a “long hauler” or have permanent damage from being infected with COVID?

Since there is no universally accepted definition (there are multiple out there), and since much of it has some subjective component, it’s not easy to answer. Does fatigue for 6 months count?

It’s anywhere between 2-15%

I can give you “some” data:
About 5% permanent smell/ taste deficit
About 30-50% of those that develop SARS have x-ray abnormality at 6 months (meaning about 1-2% of patients)


Those interested in more data on humoral response. It says that it’s at minimal 8 months, but likely much longer


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Those interested in COVID testing, a very very good review.


So the girlfriend and I are scheduled for our 1st vaccine in 2 weeks.

Question: I’m taking a weekly vaccine for allergies (to dust). It’s a 3 year program of immunization.

One of the questions to get the Covid vaccine is if I’m on other vaccines I answered yes, will I still get the Covid vaccine or should I stop the other (dust allergies) vaccine 2 weeks before the Covid one?

I’m almost certain it’s fine, but perhaps check with your allergist. It’s not something that I’ve seen being a problem or contra-indication to COVID vaccination.

those are irrelevant to covid, but as mataleo1 says, let your Dr know

It’s ironic that among the anti-vax/vax-hesitant there was the most hue and cry about the danger of mNRA vaccines, “altering DNA,” “god knows what it will do to us” stuff. Meanwhile now that they are in real world use they have turned out, thus far, to have the safest vaccine profile.

Safe. Like the clinical trials indicated. Imagine that.

If you look at surveys amongst the vaccine hesitant in the US, one of the top reasons they have for not wanting one is their hatred for the arrogant condescending liberal elite. It’s the same as one of the primary motivations behind voting for trump: giving a giant middle finger to the establishment that calls them a basket of deplorables. You are the embodiment of that. If your goal is to get more people vaccinated you’re doing it wrong.

Amazing that you can follow a post that simply points out that real world vaccine experience has undermined fears about mRNA vaccines…as if that is mere liberal elitism and a reason for people to give a finger to getting vaccinated.

I voted Trump in 2020. There is plenty of blame to go around regarding mistakes made during the pandemic. And this is the first time in history that I can remember where a virus and a vaccine have both been politicized. And it’s been done to a ridiculous degree. But the politics can easily be separated for those that wish to do so.

Yep. Notice it was turducken who turned the comments toward a political slant. When it comes to discussing vaccines I counter the arguments put forth by the vaccine-hesitant. It doesn’t matter what political affiliation they have.

I’ve yet to meet someone in real life that has been hesitant because it changes your DNA. The people I talk to are hesitant because they don’t trust the people pushing it.

That is part of why I’m hesitant but my main reason is I feel it’s not necessary for all.

I don’t get sick in general. I’ve been to the doctor twice in the past 5 or 6 years and it’s been for a sinus infection with the exception of heart physicals. I’m 45, had COVID but only knew I had it due to an antibody test after I thought I was exposed to it. I exercise 4-6 days a week and my BMI is around 24. My labs for physical show everything in the middle to lower side of the windows for whatever the hell they test. If I get a headache I drink more water. I don’t get the flu shot. According to a site Mataleo told me to use I have 2% of being hospitalized if I catch COVID and the vaccine would drop that to 1%. If I get the vacinne I’ll probably have side effects that will cause me to lose time from work. I could take it on Friday but am a single dad with 2 young kids on the weekends and taking care of then is my priority not being bed ridden from a shot. I don’t see a benefit for me getting the jab and the risks associated with me personally not getting the vaccine or almost 0. If I was older, fat, out of shape, high blood pressure, or any other crap most Americans and my risk of problems from COVID then I would get it.


If we take everything you said as true about your personal risk/benefit factors, that still leaves out the reasons for getting the vaccine - the epidemiological logic of vaccines - which includes protecting others and especially to get the pandemic under control. Basically, if everyone reasoned only considering his own interests, we’d never get out of this because too few would get vaccinated, making the wider protective effects for society impossible to reach. (And allowing the virus many more bodies in which to replicated and mutate to prolong the pandemic).

I’m just amazed how hard it is to get this to sink in for so many people, despite that this is explained literally every day by experts, virologists, experts in disease, experts on vaccines and health officials.

I believe you, but I don’t recall your risk of getting hospitalized being 1% if you’re vaccinated?

If so, we need to revisit these numbers I think. Maybe I just explained it poorly.

It was less then 3% from the site you suggested but then you said since I had Covid before it was even less then that I’m assuming 2% and since tbr vacinne can’t be 100% protection I’d probably have a 1% chance with vaccination this being only a 1% decrease in hospitalization with the vaccine versus not getting it.

I was infected and had the antibodies give my me nature protection possibly up to 17 years based on previous SARS infections. I may not be protected from variants but variants are almost always less harmful.

Probably much less than 2% if you don’t get vaccinated (because of prior infection)
If you get vaccinated, you reduce that risk by 99%. So if it’s 0.05%, you multiple 1% to that.

These numbers are just very broad estimations obviously

Best case scenario the vaccine reduce my risk by 2% of being hospitalized. My risk of reinfection is less then 10% if I remember what you’ve said before, 20% if I wasn’t previously infected. I’d wager I have a greater then 10% chance if side effects that would cause me to miss work or not take care of my children. Is my logic incorrect?

My comment was on your attitude and posting style. Your way of communicating comes across as extremely condescending and arrogant and it turns people off of getting vaccinated. You have zero medical background yet you write paragraph after paragraph on how you have the ultimate understanding of these incredibly complex systems, which are in fact very simple as you can so clearly explain, and anyone who doesn’t see it must be some kind of inbred retard. You get the same feedback in every thread you post in. No need to derail this one anymore.