OG doc. AMA on COVID-19

In unrelated news: womp womp to roxadustat and tenapenor…

Is this article accurate? Israeli, UK data offer mixed signals on vaccine's potency against Delta strain | The Times of Israel

They’re saying people vaccinated in January now only have a 16% reduced chance of infection.

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how did you buy a house with no homeowners insurance?

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It’s a frustratingly long process.

That’s quite interesting. I didn’t see the raw data but I assume it’s legit.

I’ll repeat what I’ve been saying since these vaccines came out: What I care about is reducing the risk of bad outcomes from COVID i.e. hospitalization, intubation, death, and even things like “long-covid” and sequelae. The risk reduction in infections is nowhere as important.

Interestingly, the risk reduction for the alpha variant (which is still predominant in many places) hasn’t seemed to wane.

But the risk reduction in infections has been part of the sales message of the vaccines. Biden was just on tv a few days ago saying “if you get the vaccine, you won’t get covid.” Which is clearly false. There have been many people arguing that everyone needs to get vaccinated even if they themselves are at low risk, because being vaccinated significantly reduces your risk of catching it and spreading it to others, preventing active infections prevents the emergence of more variants, etc. None of that really holds up if efficacy is dropping off so drastically after so little time.

Its shitty. My parents and other older family members are vaccinated, it would be nice not to have to worry if the vaccine is going to fail them at some point. It seems like herd immunity is an impossibility, and best case scenario is we just get stuck with increasingly less virulent variants which along with the vaccine make severe cases rare enough that they dont really matter.

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Keep hearing certain areas are active again related to hospitals.

Hearing units or areas of hospitals at capacity again calling in other resources for help

MO in some parts, McAllen TX,___ AL

Was just in Houston was interesting to see foreigners and Mexican recent arrivals / workers were all masked up going in and out of stores

Saw more masks in Houston in a week than I have seen in another southern state in a month or 2