OG doc. AMA on COVID-19

Some information in here may aid your decision. DEFINE_ME.

This is a major part of why the whole vaccination campaign is fucked. There is no desire from the “mainstream” to actually find honest answers to these questions, its just “safe and effective in all cases, continue to boost, period.”

80yr old diabetic? Get another dose. Had covid once prior to vaccination? Get another dose. Had covid 3 times after vaccination? Get another dose. Had myocarditis from your previous shot? Get another dose. 19 years old, thin and healthy with zero comorbidites? Get another dose. Have long covid? Get another dose. Etc.

Would you get another dose and risk whatever risks you may face if it reduced your risk of death from covid from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 10,004? Would you do it if you reduced your risk from 1 in 100 to 1 in 1,000? What if that benefit only lasted 6 weeks? What if it lasted 6 months? What long term consequences with respect to immune imprinting might you face from __# of doses? Etc.
Our public health authorities should ensure that your doctor has honest answers to these sort of questions so you can make a rational decision for yourself.

I’m dealing with the same uncertainty and total lack of honesty/clarity when it comes to my parents. You can argue about the level of risk that comes with these vaccines and every additional dose, but there IS risk. And even if you accept the argument that there’s a benefit, that benefit is clearly not the same for everyone across the board. Its insane that people are still willing to forgo real cost benefit analysis and personalized healthcare decisions in favor of a top down one size fits all approach.


I can’t believe, after 2 years of the vaxx doing nothing but killing people and making them sick, that mongoloids on this site who are multiple jabbed and boosted, who get sick all the time, can’t figure out the fucking jab caused it. You might have a degree, but you have 0 common sense and are gullible dupes who DESERVE the shit you’re in.


I am amazed at the number of people i still see wearing masks out in public…smdh!

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Explain this then!

Not vaccines dude…

Isn’t that “all cause” deaths?

If you’re looking at the effectiveness of the vaccine shouldn’t the deaths be limited to those who died from the disease? If you’re including all deaths then your including confounders that obscure the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Or are you trying to argue that the vaccine also improves longevity for all causes of death?


In poker this is referred to as “pot committed.”

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It’s worse if just looking at covid for the unvaccinated.

I’m gonna guess this was a huge waste of your time

Had cough till dizzy and a weird fainty spell getting onto the bike yesterday. Headache came back. Controlled with panadol and longer period of sleep. Have been putting 18 hour days so could just be run down. Odd though.

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We’re very thankful.


Yes you were. You’ve made that point abundantly clear over the past 18 months. Everyone who didn’t get vaxxed was an idiot regardless of why. Which is why most of us here don’t care for you very much because we all remember how big of a douchebag you’ve been. You tried to play doctor when nobody asked for your uneducated opinion. It’s the same thing people like you do with any topic. You try to wedge your politics into every crevasse.

Don’t get me wrong, you weren’t alone. There were plenty of know it all’s who because they have a twitter account now considered themselves as knowledgeable as doctors on the subject of covid. Most of which are now military experts giving their opinions on how to win the war in Ukraine.


Research on spike protein, mostly raises questions


I was reading an article that came out since this video, apparently the Sars Cov2 virus spike proteins have a coating of glycans, sugar molecules that hide the spike away from the immune system and the spike has 3 hinges that allow the spike to sway and attach to the cell body before allowing the virus to enter the nucleus and replicate. Two glycans hold the spike in place.

The replicated virus then kills off lot of the bodies immune defence and prevents the immune response exiting the cells but the replicated virus escapes into the body and infects all organs of the body.

The vaccine spike protein has been modified so that it can’t enter the nucleus and is also recognised by the innate immune system which produces antibodies safely. As your link shows it’s the young that have too active an innate system with is causing the heart issues but almost all clear with over the counter medications, the virus however is causing lots of hidden issues.

Denmark just prohibited under 18yr olds from getting a covid vaccine. Not recommend against, prohibit. Unless you have a preexisting condition and get prior special approval from a doctor, you can’t get a covid vaccine.

How can the science be so different in Denmark? They must be extreme far right trumptards over there.


The innate immune system does not produce antibodies it’s the humoral immune system.

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I put him on ignore long ago. But he would even get pissed at me when i said its ultimately up to the individual to make their own decision about getting the vaccine. It wasnt enough that I was vaccinated. He wanted me to keep hammering on everyone else to get vaccined as well.

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LOL Soup put me on ignore when I pointed out his continued use of strawmen. Now he can keep lobbing strawmen and misrepresentations at will and remain blissfully ignorant of having to defend them.

That’s intellectual bravery for ya!

Yes quite a bit of confusion and uncertainty at the moment.

Some of it due to messaging, a lot of it due to current unknowns and a rapidly changing virus.