OG doc. AMA on COVID-19

I’ll keep my answer short.

I haven’t done it for myself and have not recommended it to the people around me or the people I treat.

-The risk of clots and heart problem is not as high as you think it is
-Blood transfusions do not reduce this very small risk (it’s not the same mechanism)

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Why would donating blood do anything? Did i miss a new trend? Then again donating blood is never a bad thing from a general perspective

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Perhaps he’s thinking (maybe) that if your blood is less thick you’d have less chances to have a clot or a stroke?


Im not qualified to think anything medically.

But as a regular donor im wondering if whatever is causing the clotting, heart attacks, myocarditis, etc might be reduced by donating blood.

I’m a regular donor, so wondering if i might have spike proteins for example leave my body during a donation (or something like that).

Did you get vaccinated? I thought you hadn’t?

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I had 2 shots against my will

How long ago?

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Close to a year now

Same for me. We do see clots. The great majority of them occur within 72h of vaccination (which isn’t to say it occurs frequently) . The same way the clots I saw from COVID occur shortly after infection.


Thanks doc.

I also worry about the all cause excess deaths being reported around the world but many of those folks maybe boosted.

Ive had a couple people close to me experience probable vax injuries, one boosted, one not.

My ICUs (NYC, Montreal, Amsterdam) are empty. No COVID. No vaccination-related issues either.

What we do see is people having medical issues because we’ve neglected them for 2.5 years. Cancelled surgeries, cancer screenings, etc… That’s a big issue.


Interesting, although not surprising. Perhaps explains the excess deaths.


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Whats your T levels at?

Scientific Breakthrough Against COVID-19: Antibodies Identified That May Make Coronavirus Vaccines Unnecessary (scitechdaily.com)

“A scientific breakthrough against COVID-19 has been realized by Tel Aviv University. A team of scientists from the university has demonstrated that antibodies isolated from the immune system of recovered COVID-19 patients are effective in neutralizing all known strains of the virus. This includes the Delta and the Omicron variants. This discovery may eliminate the need for repeated booster vaccinations and strengthen the immune system of populations at risk, according to the researchers.”

Hey Mataleo, if you’re still around, are you familiar with this? Any thoughts?

This has been talked about for a long time. The problem at least in the US is that we refused to treat any patients until they couldn’t breath and were on a ventilator

Normal, why? Does donating blood affect T levels?

This sounds like the convalescent plasma that was deemed ineffective early in the pandemic. I wonder what’s changed to make them think it’s effective now.

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I’d bet it’s the time when it’s administered. Like I said in my post above. Back in the early pandemic at least in the US we wouldn’t treat anyone until they couldn’t breath. Now all the commercials are saying move fast get your Pfizer oral treatment within 5 days of symptoms

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No, i was joking around. When you’re on testosterone it’s recommended to routinely give blood, to thin it out.

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