OG Dog Breeders?

Thinking about getting into English bulldog or French bulldog breeding and always the OG is the first place i go for insight. Just curious if anyone here has any experience.

Local English can easily go for 1,000/Male and 1,500-2,000/Female.


Nobody huh?
Seems to be a lot of time and effort but great payoff.
Really looking for signs of strong genetics...

relative, my wife wants to start breeding dobermans.

Jobe Watson's New and Improved Butler - Considering animal shelters across the country are so sparsely populated, I think becoming a breeder and breeding more is a great idea.

Okay dick, i have adopted and advocate people do the same for a simple pet. But for a quality high end dog, 9 times out of 10 it wont be at a shelter.

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English Bulldogs need to be artificially inseminated so if you are breeding yourself you better know what you are doing, most of the time you will have to meet the breeder at the vet to do the procedure and you will likely need to do several progesterone tests during their heat so you know when is the best time to breed. Regular breeding you can start around day 10 and breed every other day for a week but you can't do that with bulldogs

English bulldogs have tons of health problems, testing and picking out proper dogs to breed is expensive and a bitch, if your not doing all the proper health tests and breeding quality dogs don't do it, the shelters don't need more dogs

Breeding bulldogs is a lot of work. First, you need to make sure the dogs you are breeding come from healthy lines. In my opinion, that is #1 from an ethical standpoint. That means you are going to be paying a lot more for the dogs you are breeding (you can also charge more). $1000 for an english bull seems really cheap to me. As mentioned, you want to have all of the proper health tests done for you pups. I know a bulldog breeder and it was a 24 hour job once the puppies arrive. They have to be monitored 24/7 because they can easily become smothered by the mother. They were exhausted from working a regular job and then shifting rotations on watching the pups. You also have to set aside money for the actual breeding or insemenation and the delivery of the pups. It's really hard on the female, so they should not be used over and over just to make money.....IMO. I once thought about doing the same thing, but after weighing everything out, I chose not to. They're great dogs. Again, if you decide to do it, be an ethical breeder.