OG Fantasy BBall Week 1

Just thought I'd make this thread for those in the OG Fantasy BBall League.


My team seems to be doing ok, with subpar performances from most of my starters. Except for Paul Pierce who dropped 35 on the 76'ers.

I really need Jermaine O Neal healthy if I'm gonna move anywhere =*(

BTW, the Dangerboys look freaking dangerous!

Cousin Eddie .395 .729 8 171 79 38 14 8 32 1
The Dangerboys .474 .867 10 208 70 46 17 8 23 7

I say goddam...

How are the rest of y'all weeks going?

its sooooo early bro dont sweat it But my team is doing ok im a lil concerned the rookie Howard went 0-6 from the foul line I have him on 2 teams.Also Gooden played like crap and have him on 3 teams .I added that Simmons guy on all my 4 teams He dropped 30 yesterday going 13-15 from the field

Howard had a nice stat line though, his FT shooting will probably get better to at least .500  

Gooden is playing pretty bad despite how good he looked in the preseason.

This season will be alot of fun.

I just picked up Kwame Brown so he can ride a spot on my IL...

What do you guys think of that pickup?

Why is it we already seem to have 2 dead fucking teams in our league??? Who are the offenders?

San Diego Slickers and Cousin Eddy? They are possible dead teams.

What happens to dead teams btw? Do we all get a crack at their players? muahaha

Uhm, me too Danger, I picked up Speedy Claxton, Brezec, and Kwame Brown.

I'd much rather have added Bibby or a Peja! 

Having them float dead is a good idea, kindofa waste though.

if they aint playing those players aint either

wake these teams up!!!

As Ive said 100x

You dont need to edit your lineup daily, you can do ONE TIME, as far in advance as you like

If youre not going to be online for say two weeks, or even a month, you can go ahead and put your lineups in ahead of time....

My team is weaker than I thought

I screwed up dropping Brezec after the draft....I never heard of him and dropped him for CLIFF ROBINSON (yuck)!!!!

Then I read about how hes a real sleeper, and he looks good so far, now I dont have a decent center....

I need Kidd back bad....until then I need Maggette, Webber, and Amare to carry me

Grappler ur team aint bad I like Maggette and Amare a lot.Who would u want for Maggette ?Cant trade a center im running low there

Haha, Thanks for Brezec Grappler ; )

When I saw him on the Waiver sheet, I was like oh sheeeit.

Mabye when Kwame Brown comes back I can drop Lafrentz.

Dammit I didnt watch preseason, when Brezec surfaced

I was looking at prior season stats, and he did nothing....