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Per the ATF, it should always be marked as other firearm. If you have an FFL marking a lower as anything else dont buy it lol.


I wonder if that extends to other receivers also.

Keep in mind you can’t use a lower that was evert built as a rifle

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Yeppers. The one I bought was a plain old stripped lower that came in a package just like this. Iappreciate you looking out for me.


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If it started off as a other firearm or a pistol it can be made into a rifle and converted back and forth into any non NFA item as many times as you want.

Arguably per letter of the law if it was built first into a rifle from the onset after buying it as a lower. It was a rifle first. But good luck to the ATF ever proving it lol.

Hell they tend to lose the majority of their cases like that in court, and have dropped more than one case to avoid a landmark decision as it is lol.

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Me too. Call the ATF

Thankfully, it was marked other and I’ve used it to build a pistol. It’s never been anything but a pistol.

holy shit - i just checked my transfer - it isnt marked as anything

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Hahaha! Issa ghost gun!


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internet is the internet… maybe the ffl i spoke to was wrong… sorry for spreading FUD

according to this, it makes sense

“So MCM called the local branch [ATF], to clarify exactly what is kosher and what is not. The answer was actually more fluid than I thought. A stripped lower, shipped to the FFL, is registered as a receiver. Not a rifle or pistol. And therefore you can do whatever you like with it.”


Yeah some place I have pretty much all the ATF decision letters and FFL instructions DLed to reference.

The Thompson center decision was a pretty important one.

AR lowers being neither rifle, nor pistol is also why FFLs arent supposed to sell them to anyone under 21. Because whilst it isnt a pistol, it can be made into one lol.

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I respect the fuck out of that.

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Today is the day fellas! In about 4 hours I’m surprising my old man with the LR-308 build! Second proudest/most excited I’ve been next to my son being born. It’s funny, less than 2 years ago receiving my Eagle, Globe, Anchor 20 years ago was by far #1 and now it’s a distant 3rd. Thanks for all the help here. Can’t wait to post the finish product!


We can’t wait to see it brother! Please post all of the pics.

We’re proud of you for building it too. It can be intimidating to think of if you haven’t done it before. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait. I just thought of something. Are you sure that you’re going to give it to him on shabbos? Wouldn’t carrying it in be work? I mean, if you don’t roll on shabbos, wouldn’t carrying a rifle be more straight effort than rolling a ball?


This is a reminder to us all.

Great move.


Happy Final Alimony Day to me. Might buy some bulk ammo on 2/1


They actually had bulk 5.56 at Academy this morning. Cans of 500 and 1000 rounds.

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