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Next round of ammo price increases are happening.

March 22, 2021

To All Winchester Ammunition Customers:

Thank you for your commitment to Winchester and Browning Ammunition in support of our legendary products.

Due to the increased cost inputs for manufacturing ammunition, it is necessary to increase ammunition prices for all shipments, including backorders, beginning May 1, 2021.

Ammunition will be subject to the following price increases.

  • Shotshells + 5%-12%
  • 22 Magnum Rimfire ammunition +10%
  • Hunting Rifle ammunition + 5%-15%
  • All Centerfire Rifle FMJ ammunition +8%
  • All Centerfire Pistol ammunition +8%
  • Components +10%
  • Primers +25% (Due to our current backorder situation, until further notice, Winchester is not accepting new orders on primers)

These May 1, 2021 increases will affect all pack size3s, sub-brands and special make-ups.

All existing orders and future orders shipped on or after May 1, 2021 will be shipped at the new prices unless you notify us requesting cancellation. Procedures for repricing back and future orders will be issued with new pricelists and programs in the coming weeks

Forgot to pour one out for the homies who didn’t make it to the new site. This one is for willie and Wolfman


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Does this thread show up in you guys subscriptions??? I have to search for it in the search bar to find it.

Same…I had to search for it. A few days ago it would show up in my subs.

Not necessarily gun related but thought some of you guys might dig this.

Ed Calderóns anti custody kit from Sneak Reaper Industries. Working on my ninja skills like slipping cuffs and picking locks lol.



That’s fucking sick!!!
How does it shoot?

Definitely one of my favs, I’ve heard reviews mentioning heavy recoil. I really don’t feel it. Shoots like a dream all the way out to 100 yards.


Mhmmmm yes. I could use some of that action in my life.

So I have come to the conclusion after 13-14 years and an ungodly amount of ammo… The Les Baer might be do for a rebluing and a work over lol.

Still locks up like a bank vault and shoots better than I do, but the round counts definitely up there and it could probably do with a looking over. Tempted to send it to Chambers or someone like that and have him give it some TLC lol.



Well, the Aimpoint adapter mount doesn’t fit. Seems to be an issue with some of the ones out there, and now have to wait for Aimpoint to replace it.

Here’s a comparison with the Aimpoint plate on the right:

This is awesome! I am surprised he never made a logo with Donald in between the Trump like the rifle.

Yeah I have seen tolerance stacking issues like that before. The plate is probably on one end of tolerances and the aimpoint is probably on the other end. Both of them might be in spec in regards to the normal standards, but it might be enough variance on both of them that it ends up not working correctly. It happens. You might consider trying out one of the CHPWS plates, but the issue might be with the acro itself, it could be on the upper end of size tolerances and not fitting the mount well.

Maybe wait and see what happens with the new plates.

Yup going to wait


Can we talk about Panama? Specifically, I want to know what the legal gun owners of Panama should do if their government tries to take away their SBRs and sawed off shotties. I assume many people would rightfully say “come and take it,” but what should the people of Panama do in preparation?

What is that?

I’m afraid Panamanians who stand to lose the most will give up their stuff easiest. And that’s how the Panama Govt wins. 70% will voluntarily give up their arms with the threat of jail and fines.It’s that simple, 70% without hesitation.

So now all Panama has to do is worry about 30% from the word go. The Panama govt now grabs a few noncompliant and makes horrid examples of them. Huge prison sentences, huge fines, then the 30% left gets shaky, their resolve starts to go. Now 80% of them give theirs up. Now we have a number Panama can deal with easily.

So in the end, you’d have about 5-10% of patriots that will actually take a stand, and that’s simply not going to be enough. United it can be won. Otherwise, it will be a govt win down there. In Panama


CZ Scorpion Evo 3 Looks like a Omega 9 can. Shoots 9mm. He has a gearhead works brace, 30 rounder. Super fun little gun!

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