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Sounds like a bunch of woke ass bullshit that couldn’t deal with a gun designed by a white man. They have to make a bunch of shit up to


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Up in here?

I’ve been mulling over getting a 10mm.


I’m looking for a 10mm too. When I find a Glock 20 SF, I’m all over it

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OG Gun Club Top Men: any recommendations for a high powered pellet rifle that can take down small game? Purpose - to protect a garden. My dad has built a large garden this year and was complaining about rodents. I was going to surprise him with a pellet gun, but every article I read looks like a paid advertisement.

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Post your budget

I have a 30 cal hatsan big bore

It was $300 but I have blown away a raccoon with it

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I was looking around $300. Thanks for info!

A Gammo should suit this need, and they are economical.


thank you

I have a Gamo Whisper .177 that will easily take out squirrels and birds. It was less than 200 with a supplied scope.

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Here’s me shooting a something a couple years ago. Is it an AR? Fook if I know. A buddy keeps like a box of guns in his garage and we took them to the range.


Sure looks like an AR pattern rifle.

Do I look cool shooting it? That’s what matters. I was all pew pew!


Eh, about as queer as a three dollar bill :woman_shrugging:t6:

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In, I saw a review of this and it caught me big time, that rarely if ever happens.

I’m drawing a blank. Is the BRN 180 and the MCX the only piston upper that doesn’t require a buffer tube?

Roundtable discussion on Supreme Court’s Bruen decision

text of the decision


I think I mentioned this before but this is a great site if you’re looking to stipple your firearm; they have a large assortment of tip patterns. I think I used the double basket weave tip.