OG gun guys- Best .308 AR platform?

I currently have a Spikes AR-15. At the range last week and my buddy busts out a DPMS .308 AR (AR-10 as he calls it).

The thing was sweet. I've been reading reviews online, and the DPMS seems okay. I also looked at an older Bushmaster, RRA and Armalite.

Anyone with experience? Thoughts? Phone Post 3.0


Anyone shoot the S&W M&P-10? Phone Post 3.0


Rick River AR-10 Predator.

Is go with a G3 patter rifle from PTR myself or maybe a SCAR.

For an AR platform id go HK, Sig, Larue, LWRC, or more than likely I'd build my own. Phone Post 3.0

LaRue is the answer

AR 308 is a mans gun.

You have to be careful with ar-10's not everything is interchangeable like the ar-15 platform Phone Post 3.0

I'd love a Kel-Tec RFB.

Not an AR10, but check the Scar 17

Nemo Arms

PatK - 

Nemo Arms

I want their .300WIN MAG "OMEN" some kind of bad.

I would steer clear of the .308 AR. There is no real commonality between manufacturers yet, so the modular aspect of the 5.56 guns is not there.
.308 AR gas guns are really finicky beasts. The piston AR's run good but are very heavy.

If you want a .308 battle rifle/DMR i would check out the SCAR 17. Its light years ahead of the AR platform, especially in .308.

Going to check out a SCAR 17 tomorrow. Fuck yeah Phone Post 3.0