OG gun guys? I need advice about CC guns.

I'm going to get a handgun for daily carry soon and I would like input on holsters and type of gun.

I am going to get a CC soon so I am coming to y'all for advice. Thanks Phone Post 3.0

Lots of good answers for that question.

But buy a gun belt, not a thick belt that seems to work. I did a review on the weapons forum, the wilderness is inexpensive and popular.

I carry IWB with a Desantis softuck


Check out crossbreed

What gun are you carrying?

S&W 500............DON'T BE A PUSSY. 




I also use a IWB Don Hume leather for my HK.
Once you get it broken in, it fits like a glove.


pocket 380s are wildly popular right now, but they're a bitch to keep on target, and arguably an undersized round. when it boils down to it, it's a very personal decision. rather than listen to know-it-alls on the internet, you should just get your ass to a range and handle/shoot as many of them as you can. you have to decide revolver/pistol, weight, bulk, capacity, caliber, size, safety, IWB vs OWB, etc. i agree with dark knight above - you definitely want a real gun belt. it makes all the difference in the world.

Check out Defensivecarry.com for info.

I mostly carry a Glock G30S in a kydex Inside the waistband holster. There are tons of different options though. You will more than likely wind up trying a few different kinds of holsters and methods of carry, but that's part of the fun. Phone Post 3.0

Buy a used glock 19, s&m m/p 9mm, or springfield xd 9mm.

Get a holster and make sure it covers the trigger guard.
Always keep the gun in the holster.

Get a 101 training class at gunsite or from a former gunsite instructor (many travel around and teach).

Don't get all emotional about your first gun. Guys get all geeky, read all this shit online, and make a big deal about it. If you get any of the 3 guns I mentioned, it will serve you fine for a few years, and then once you've been to training, have done some idpa/ipsca, etc, you can trade out one tool for another if you desire.

Training class is much more important than the gun btw.

Glock 19
Crossbreed Supertuck
Training courses with reputable instructor Phone Post 3.0

awilson82 - Glock 19
Crossbreed Supertuck
Training courses with reputable instructor Phone Post 3.0
Ill take a look at your recommendation. I've been looking for another holster for my G19. I currently have the Incog G-Code holster and have tried it both appendix and 5'oclock. It's not very comfortable at all. Phone Post 3.0

Make sure it is something that is comfortable to carry. Off duty I carry a Ruger LC9 in a inside the pants holster that holds an extra magazine.

I've carried many different pistols off duty and prefer the smaller framed pistols, they are easier to conceal and alot more comfortable. Make sure you purchase quality ammo, I don't know how many people I have seen with a high end pistol loaded with crap. Just my two cents.

Depending on your budget and if you can wait, get a milt sparks vm2. I carry a 1911 in one, its a great holster. Phone Post 3.0

My personal choice was the Springfield 9mm XDS. Small and very solid handgun. But obviously many good choices out there. Phone Post 3.0

I've tried a bunch of guns over the years. Most of them I owned for a short time and sold or traded. The one gun I had the longest and had to buy again was my Glock 27. It's a .40 cal and with the extended mag bottom it holds 11, with one in the pipe. I love the size of it. It's smaller in the grip than what I would find ideal, but for CC it's perfect. I found the .40 the perfect round for me. Recoil is almost zero and it has power. Coupled with a solid hollow point, it's a beast.

I love that there is no real safety to flip when drawn. There is on exterior safety, and two more inside for three total, that sits in the middle of the trigger. It will only fire when I pull the trigger. I added some night sights to it for about $80.00. I also did a small amount of polishing to some internal parts. It shoots like a dream. It's not something I go to the range and shoot all day, more than 200 rounds and my hand hurts from an issue I have with my thumb muscle, but I love shooting it! It's DEAD ON accurate, too!

Heres a pic of it at 35'. I shot first and at the center. My Father in law was shooting his beloved .45. He swore the whole ride down that I had no shot at outshooting him at any distance past 10'. He swore a sub-compact had no right to even be considered accurate past 15'. He bought dinner on the way back home. Then got himself a Glock 26 the following week.

If a blue could help my mud ass out...





S&W 500............DON'T BE A PUSSY. 




He said daily carry, this is the only option

Phone Post 3.0


I wonder who thought a 2.5 inch 500 was a good idea.

Of course it is cool and I would like one.

Dark Knight - I wonder who thought a 2.5 inch 500 was a good idea.

Of course it is cool and I would like one.

Double hearing protection would be required within 20' of that thing, I assume.

I like the holster talk on here. I'm taking notes.

Dark Knight - I wonder who thought a 2.5 inch 500 was a good idea.

Of course it is cool and I would like one.
Bear protection in Alaska. For those who don't want to carry a heavier longer barrel.

A guy in the past year killed a charging grizzly with his snubnose 454 casull Ruger Alaskan. Phone Post 3.0