OG- help me troll Scammer from Craigslist!

SO I'm selling my used Firefighter/Bunker gear for someone to use in the upcoming Fire Academy.

As expected, some piece of shit Nigerian/Haitian is trying ti scam.

Here's what he emailed:

"Thank you for your response to your inquiry.. I'm Chad Horton,I'm ok
with the price you are asking for.I really want to buy it and I'll
love make my payment out via cashier check..After my check clears i
will arrange for the pickup and add Extra $30.00 to your money for
keeping the item for me and remove the advert on craigslist so i can know
you really wanna sell it for me then get back to me with the info to
send the payment to you.. 1.Full Name to be on
the payment ___ 2.Home address not po box ___ 3. Phone Number
4.State _
5. City ___ 6.Zip Code ___ Price

Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S® 6, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone"


SO, OG---help me write n epic response..

shit- I think I scammed myself into the WFA!!!!