OG In Memoriam Thread

Thought I would dedicate a thread to our recently fallen brothers of the OG. Feel free to add any of your own, and please be respectful. Thank you.

First, who can ever forget the day Passive Jay got the phone call from his tattoo artist :(

It was only a matter if time before our passive jay became passed away jay :( rip brother.

And what can be said about poor jimmy that hasn't already been said? Poor guy is still bleeding eternally in og heaven.

RIP Jimmy.

Though legend has it, if you listen closely, you can still hear jimmy speak sometimes.

Some say it's a ghost, some say jafar, others swear they've seen jimmy out there. We can only hope.

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VU. This thread needs recognition. Phone Post 3.0

In the worst tragedy in MMA, the entire Auschwitz Top Team, including the Bulgarian Assassin died when they went into the wrong showers.  The entire team fought at bantamweight and below. 


LiveWire - VU. This thread needs recognition. Phone Post 3.0
I believe it was just a thoughtful OG moment of silence.

Welcome, and welcome DaveFu.

VU's. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

I must bump this thread in honour of our latest fallen member, Chris.

Details remain sketchy but it is believed he perished at the hands of the infant rodent he so kindly tried to save from its certain death in his truck.

I will add his tombstone when I am home from work, unless someone else gets to it first.

RIP Chris, we hardly knew ye. Phone Post 3.0