OG Lawyers - PD work

So I was watching Better Call Saul. He's this new lawyer just starting out, no office, he works out of the back room in a Korean nail salon.

First episode, they show him doing public defender work for three scumbag teenagers who video themselves braking into a funeral home, cutting the head off a corpse and having sex with it. The main character does his best to portray the three defendants as fine young men, well know and respected in the community, who just had a single, small, youthful indiscretion. Then the prosecutor plays the video for the jury and it's a slam dunk - Saul loses and the kids go to jail.

For his trouble, Saul gets $700.

Now in the show Saul goes on about how that's not fair, it was three defendants so it should be $700 each, then you see how he'd driving a shitbox car and living this shitty life.

I was thinking that over. $700 per PD case, if you can get 10 PD cases a month, then that's over $80k per year. I doubt he's putting 7 hours of his time into each PD case. Even if it's 5 hours per case, that's $80k per year working 12 hours a week.

Not bad for a part time job. And you still have plenty of time to hunt down big clients and build your practice.

So I guess my question is, if you're a lawyer in a metro area like Albuquerque, does a young lawyer stand a good chance of getting 10 PD cases a month if he wants them?

You looking to fuck a corpse? Phone Post 3.0

You also see him bribing the clerk.

It isn't easy to land the work. They assign cases due to overloaded public defense offices.

I worked for a former prosecutor who would sit in court and get assigned defense cases, paid by the state. We represented (all plead down to lesser offenses) a dozen people who stole from a mall. He made several grand in a few hours.

Ten other lawyers sat in that courtroom and never got called.

legit lol @ "five hours per case"

what about the $700 per client? Is that reasonably like real life?