OG Lawyers, Question about Deshaun Watson's situation

If he’s being sued for sexual assault, how is there no criminal charges? I don’t understand how this isn’t a crime.

Apparently the police are now looking into a couple of the cases.

One thing to keep in mind is that the standard in a criminal case (beyond a reasonable doubt) is higher than that in a civil case (more likely than not), so it’s possible that there may never be criminal charges, particularly in a “he said, she said” case where the incident occurred some time ago.

He hasn’t been formally charged as these women are just now coming forward. From the looks of it he may face charges given the numbers of women with basically the same story it sounds like he’s a perv that likes a rub n tug. But instead of finding em on back page was doing it on insta and social media. He’s an idiot.

My guess is the lawyer, Buzbee, wants to win this case. He probably doesn’t think there’s a good shot at a criminal case, but thinks there is at a civil case.

I go the house keeping route. Generally more eager to please and a good bargain. Clean up after is a bonus.

Wouldn’t a prosecutor bring criminal charges and a separate, private lawyer bring civil charges?