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I had something similar happen once. Turned out a spark plug wire had gone bad causing misfires under certain conditions. How are your plugs and wires

good question. will find out when she gets back home. She drove that shuddery bitch to work this morn lol.

pain in the ass. she due for anew car, but prices are fucking stupid. If we can just milk that little thing for a year longer, maybe the market with free up a bit.

It probably has coil-on-plug, so no plug wires. Sounds likely that the #1 coil is bad.

My son’s Solara (250,000 miles) had that code several months back, replaced the coil and it ran fine. A couple months later, he had to replace another of the coils.

Pull the engine cover off, disconnect the wire connector for that coil,. 10mm wrench to remove the bolt holding the coil in place, then it the coil pulls straight out.


Oh, V-6, huh?? Hopefully it is one of the front coils, not a rear one. My son’s car is a 4-banger, super easy to work on.

Here is a video I found: How to replace Ignition Coil 2004-2010 Toyota Highlander - YouTube



Impossible to change a few of the plugs unless you make your own tool.

we changed the plugs last year when we had the knock sensors replaced. a fucking pretty big job.

My brother’s wife accidentally put diesel into his truck.

She called him at work and said that his new truck wasn’t starting very well. After a few minutes of questions…

“How the FUCK did you do that?! It makes no sense. You’d have to use funnel!”

“I thought is was a new environmental rule thing. I just kind of put the nozzle against the hole thingy… It did take a long time to fill up.”

It was a big project dropping the few tank and cleaning it all out lol.


I kinda had an excuse for that stupid shit. it looked like a diesel pump.

Two other diesel trucks put unleaded gas into their truck that weekend. At that gas station, at that pump. Not just a coincidence. Green is for diesel.

Exactly, yep. That usually causes off idle shuddering and O2 codes.

99% a coil has ate shit. Check/clean your factory ground while you’re at it.

we may get lucky . we are digging in and can reach number 1!!!

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factory ground ? at battery? or number 1?

Damn by the 5th or 6th time he is going to get it.

I admit I had a old Volvo years ago and found out the hard way that the diesel nozzle will fit a classic car while at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.


My mom put a full tank of E85 in a non-flex fuel car.

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I remember people making adapters so they could put leaded fuel into their unleaded only cars. Fuck yo cat


getting ready to put a new coil in number 1.

It only took 6 hours for a fag to show up on this thread. lol.

Fire the parts cannon!!!


Replace the iginition coil and plug in cyl 1, I’d probably do all the plugs if they haven’t been changed in a while.

Denso is a good brand, they are the manufacturer for a lot of OEM parts. Get Denso plug(s) for it as well they are OEM for toyota.

it was the coil.

could not get the plug out without pulling fuckin half of engine off top. plugs are 2 years old, probably good. got it in. went on a long drive at 50 60 mph for an hour. no warning lights and no shuddering.

went all the way up to the big lake. saw a big crowd at an old hang out. Live fiddle trio. Got a ribeye and taters. got pretty well lit. drove back . TOTAL ABOUT 80 MILES AND NO PROBLEMS SINCE THEN.




I found the similar issue with a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500. When I bought it there was a random misfire code. Pulled plugs and they were all new except the rear driver side where the brake booster was almost touching the coil pack making it almost impossible to remove. Finally got it out and I’m pretty sure it was the original plug and was worn out. Gap was over .080"! Somebody changed the plugs they could get to and left that one for the next owner.

not a suprise. I went to change the plugs on the toyota early on, and looked at the engine and the Haynes. LOL. I am like fuck that shit, all kinds of tubes, hoses. I was like no way I get that back together without fucking something up. The bag of platinum spark plugs is in my garage somewhere.