OG motorcycle riders: best hot weather armored jacket?

I would wear what protects you best. Leather A* jacket (or something similar), race gloves, jeans, boots, and a good full face. Trust me you will go down and the amount you will sweat because of better gear will be worth the road rash they scrub with a brush to get the rocks out of your skin.

My 0.02c


I’ve been down at over 90 mph three times with leathers, and never got a scratch. I went down at 20 mph and the road rash was brutal because I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts…


I just ordered these jacket sleeve vents. I’ll give an update this weekend on how they work.


And pictures please

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For hot weather vented is the go to. Heat stroke is a legitimate concern.


Well, would up getting this . Thank you for the recommendation Buffer. It’s been in the dang low to mid 60s here in San Diego where I’m at haven’t used yet but it’s friggin awesome. Mesh AF! Like vented like a tank too almost crazy…


That’s a solid pick man. You’ll love it when it gets hot, knowing you’re still protected.