OG NBA Fantasy League

Hello fellow og'ers

I'm looking to start up the 3rd annual OG Basketball League. Just wanted to see if we had any interest from the forum...returning player or newbs alike.

If you're interested, make a post...I'll do the setting up if it looks like we have the #'s to do it.

me down fo it

I forgot all about it after the first few weeks last year.

I'll play again though.

I'm in. Hopefully I will do better than 13th or whatever 2nd to the last was.

im down!

I'd probably be interested. What are the stat categories, and how is the scoring done?? Is it head-to-head or cumulative?

I've never fucked around with any of this fantasy sports craze, if I think I can fathom it I'll play. :)

This is the third year I've played fantasy football. I'm guessing Basketball and Baseball are a lot alike, in that you have to update your starting roster almost daily, as opposed to FF, where you can take 20 minutes per Saturday and set up lineups for 2-3 teams. I had to go out of town a lot this summer, and got KILLED in Fantasy Baseball, because I couldn't account for offdays, or plug in a starting pitcher on his day to throw. I missed out on a ton of points with Johan Santana on the bench for most of June and July, lol.

But, for Basketball, you can also set up your lineups a couple days ahead, and manage a team on about 30 minutes a week.

I played last season and I'd be down to play again.

Yeah, you can set your lineups for the whole week, so it doesn't take that much time. especially since there were rarely any nights when I had to actually bench someone who had a game that day because the nba's schedule is lighter than baseball's. I guess it would make it harder if you had a lot of guys on the same team.

Im down Is it a live draft ?? DarenX007@Aol.Com

Cousin Eddie...it's a head to head league. If I remember right the stat categories last year were pts, fg%, ft%, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals, turnovers...and one other I can't think of, as their were 9 categories to avoid ties.

Winston...never tried a live draft with basketball. If enough people are interested I could set it up that way, but for now assume an auto draft with your pre-rankings. If folks are interested in a live draft SPEAK UP!

Yahoo isn't ready for the league set ups yet, but when they are I'll post the league and password on the board. Looks like their's more than enough interest to get a league going!

make it live yo. people can still set their rankings for auto if they can't make it.

I'm a complete noob to fantasy basketball. I'm assuming I should read the rules on yahoo's page? 

But I'd be very dedicated!

no 3 pointers ?

"If enough people are interested I could set it up that way, but for now assume an auto draft with your pre-rankings. If folks are interested in a live draft SPEAK UP!"

Live draft is the way to go, IMO. Yahoo makes it really easy, too. So much easier than dealing with pre-rankings and such. Takes about an hour, plus it has a chat feature so you can talk shit about other people's picks :)

Fuck it, I'm in.

Winston...you have hit the correct on the 9th category. It was 3's made.

Count me in.

Boxingfan can u sendf me an email at DarenX007@Aol.Com Can u send me some stuff from last years league.Im curious to the format and setup.Ive played aols the last few years its cool.Can we have like team names and logos ?

the aol league is cool too and free We can have a private league and private draft their too Maybe u have to have aol tho ?But u could have cool logos and they keep scores and what not Does this league have names and logos ?

Yahoo keeps the scoring and does the stats, and you name your team whatever you'd like. I don't believe their is a team logo though....just picking a color jersey or something like that.