OG NBA League!!

My trades are paying off!!! Ive moved to within 3.5 games of the playoffs....

... out of last place with 7-2, 6-3, and 6-3 last 3 weeks, but Ive got the 1st place Commish up this week. 

 I;ll try to bring him back to the pack a little!

HOw many teams make the playoffs?

6 out of 14 make playoffs

Bring it on Grapple....my boys are still fuming over last years playoff loss!

Im coming after ya, 6-3 after one day.  My boys have lots of games this week :)

Bring it Commish!!

7-2 after Weds

I lost Webber for a game, and you lost Wade.

I should gain some tonight with Webber, Illgauskas, and Sura going

Most categories are close so it looks like we're going down to the wire

With Wade going down I'm not feeling so good...I needed him bad this week. I'm hoping to squeak out a 5-4....damn you Grapple!!!!


Sura goes for career high 35, on 6-7 three pointers, to help me open up a 8-1 lead with 3 days left!!

Webber returns with 15 boards and 23 pts!!

7-2 win over first place Commish!!

The race is getting much closer now!!

Damn...injuries and you have like 100 more games than me this week means I got an asswhooping!!

everyone has injuries,i had Baron davis out 4e,now Nash,got Jefferson out 4 year,Wilcox etc

ww is correct

good teams overcome injuries with depth

theres what, like 14 guys we start?

I had Kidd and Sura out to start the season, and Jaric is now on IL, Webber sitting out games etc