OG Parents With Little Ones

Made a video from Santa for my daughter and her little eyes lit up. Wanted to share, hope you get the same reaction. Definitely upload the photo! It makes the video convincing to them


Merry Christmas! Phone Post 3.0

Didn't do it this year but have in the past. The kids love it Phone Post 3.0


Thanks my kids loved this Phone Post 3.0

SS another one for 3 bucks and it wasn't that much better than the free one, but it made it more convincing to the other one since her name was on a book in Santas library lol

Good stuff! Do the free one for sure Phone Post 3.0

Forgot about that thanks for the reminder! Phone Post 3.0

Thanks man, voted up. Phone Post 3.0

Bump for more parents on Christmas Eve. Still time to make it happen, only have to answer a few questions and upload a pic and it's an amazing experience for free!

Sub thanks Phone Post 3.0