OG PC nerds: Help me upgrade this PC to run 4-monitors

180w PSU and I don’t think it can be swapped out. Can we get this thing to run quad monitors? Nothing crazy, just office type work.

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Don’t think there’s an easy way.
You have 1 hdmi and 1dp. So best case is 2.
Assuming you want to use all 4 independently, not mirror any.

Not even all dedicated gpus can run 4 monitors.
Don’t think any would run on a 180w psu, even if you could fit one.

If it’s a propritetary form factor, good luck adding a video card.

For 4 monitors, you’ll either need a higher end GPU, or a lower performance card designed for multi-monitor setups. They’re still pretty pricey.

My card for my sim rig has 3 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI.

Yeah, this is for a buddy of mine. He runs a business and bought this for a new employee and he needs the employee to have 4 monitors. I am about to tell him that this PC is not the one but wanted to check first. I am not sure how we get past that PSU. I mean, if the PSU can be swapped (which it doesn’t look like it) and assuming it has PCIe ports (Dell doesn’t clarify either on their website), it can be done, but it will be pricey.

I clicked the link. 700 bucks for those specs? I must be missing something.

Nope, that is what he bought.

Thanks guys, I just wanted to confirm it. I told my buddy that if it will allow us to upgrade the PSU and if it has the right expansion slots, the parts would cost nearly as much as the PC, if not more, and that it just isn’t worth it to try to get this thing to push 4 monitors.