OG PS4 GTA5 clan or whatever? Lets go

It is time for us to experience the full blown aids version.. Quaid is welcome back also. But he needs to play nicey nice.

Soup where the fuck are you?

Fight club round 4! Phone Post 3.0

We are all in the PS3 thread still bro namath Phone Post 3.0

Just posted in the Ps3 thread
picking up now for ps4
Guess we should start posting here?

I went to best buy yesterday and bought a PS4 and the last of us game. I also asked for GTA5 on PS4. 20 minutes later the kid came back with all three. He told me it took awhile to find the GTA5 game on PS4. Unfortunately, GTA5 wouldn't scan through the system b/c it wasn't available until tomorrow. Fuck best buy. Nice story bro, I know. Still pissed I have to show up tomorrow to buy it.

Wish you fucks were on Xbox. Phone Post 3.0

Should probably jump to the new thread.. Title is misleading at this point thats why i hopped Phone Post 3.0