OG septic owners...

Is it possible for snow melt to leak in through a leech field?


Tank shouldn't be close to full. Very hard winter. Backing up in our laundry room where the floor drain is. Seems to happen only on the few warm days we've had lately.



I'm new to septic, but wouldn't the leech line have a one way valve?

If the ground got too much water or froze then the septic could back up. I am sure your leech lines are below the frost line but enough snow melt and rain can potentially flood the lines and cause a backup. more likely something hooked on your float and is weighing it down if it's not a gravity system?

Yes, during spring melt if your water table rises while waiting for the granite to filter the spring melt it could fill your pipes...

In for knowledge. When my parents first bought their property back in the 80’s they were still in septic.

Your field is probably saturated, nowhere for the water to go (assuming it's gravity-fed).  Another possibility is clog/ice in the line between the house & tank, or broken pipe in that stretch.  Got a pump?

BTW, your tank is always (almost) full.  When the sludge level is too high in the tank, solids can carry over to the field, causing failure, but it would take an awful lot to completely clog the tank.  Different issue.

We've had a crazy heavy snow then thaw, freeze, repeat. 


I have places with 6" of standing ice. Now it's starting to thaw the last 2 weeks heavily, but still freezes again at night.


So I was wondering if it was such a hard freeze that the "water" in the tank had no where to go (or partial blockage?). And when it warms up is when we've had problems.

Twice water came up through our basement floor drain during the rinse cycle of our washer. Once during a shower.


We can do dishes, use the shitter (although it's getting nerve wracking) no problem. It's just when we dump a large amount of water all at once.

We had a plumber out and he got some TP on the end of the snake. Made sense as MrsMedic apparently uses a half a roll of toilet paper a pop and then doesn't flush to "save water". 


The plumber didn't bring his fucking camera.

Has one, just didn't bring it.


So I'm basically waiting for the roads to dry up enough to get a honey wagon up here also hoping to get plenty of sun on the hatch thaw it out. Could be like a week... roads are that bad right now. 


Definitely not ruling out full, but it's inconsistent and 2 people don't really put the hurt on a septic built for a family of five.


Mostly just curious. Some pretty good answers in here fellas, thanks


TheOG never let's me down.

I have a septic tank but no snow, however we get a ton of rain. I don't think it would be of concern. 

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