OG Study group

Well, we tried this once before for the CCNA.

I'd like to know what all you guys have been thinking about trying to do as far as certifications.

I'd like to put in a vote for the Security + by Comptia.

Any other suggestions would be great, but I think we should start on a low level like that to be able to "group" together before we start a larger project.

I figure would could knock that off in less than a month if we really tried and had a certain goals set for each week?


TTT for the GroundIT group study program.

(Also, any suggestions for dumps, which book we should all study would be great, and we can all test around the same time or have the strongest test first and dump for the people who aren't as keen.

Hey Fintheman,

I would be down for something like that. I actually have been thinking about getting the security + as well.

I just bought the study guide book by comptia and I have a lot of e-books on security, IDS, etc.

So, mark me down.

What would be the first step aside from getting other people?

I'll be happy to help, although I'm not really interested in the Security+ .

if you're gonna go for a good intro cert in security afterward the Sec+, go after the SANS ones.

I've got a up to date CISSP book... if you're currently starting work in a security related job, you could go ahead and get the Associates of ISC^2 paper, which basically says you have passed the CISSP exam and are working on getting the work requirement of the cert.... takes 3 years of security-related work to get the cert then..

Well Rob, I just want to start out on something "easy" for the moment just to get back into the groove of things. I would hope working on the SAC network would be security related work. Even if its not, there is no way in hell a company could find out what I did since its top secret :) What a nice clause. Hunting, is there a version to that book? I think I'll pick it up at barnes and nobles tomorrow.

If you guys want to try the CCNA or CCNP let me know. I have the brand new Cisco curriculum for both. :)

I'm going to start on the CCNP in January.

no version on it but it's the;

Security + Study Guide
For exam SYO-101

Written by "Michael Pastore"


"Approved by Comptia"

CCNP, woohooo, I think with all the training I had with USAF tech school I can pass the CCNA with a breeze, I'm such a chicken shit to take it though. Even though I could probably have it paid for if I pass...thinks

TTT sounds like a good ideal.

Whats up hunting? How you been?

fin- Just take it, man. What's the worst that could happen? You fail, and get an idea of what you need to learn. If you're not actively studying for the CCNA or using Cisco gear regularly, you'll be better off taking it ASAP. YOU WILL FORGET. Download some boson tests to see where you stand.

Good idea

What's up Roc?

Did you pick up the book Fintheman or are going to go for the ccna instead?

I have to find a place that sells the book around here, I just moved into this area, so I'm a little clueless. But I will find it.


damn it, still can't find anything :P

I will try to pick it up soon. I figure this can help me out since I do want to take (and have the books) for the SANS and TICSA (sp). Figure it will help me get ready since I have really fooled with any security stuff as of late.

cool - I found a place to buy the book, now I actually have to get it /grin/



Same here. Although I'd like to suggest either CISSP or better yet, SANS GSEC. They are more respected in the InfoSec community than S+. CompTIA has a bit of a reputation as a "toy" cert in many respects.

Whatever you decide, I'd be very glad to help out. I am CISSP and SANS certified, so...

hey T0ki, what's the best way to get the GSEC if you have a pretty good library of infosec books but not enough money to get the online course materials?

I don't have a spare $2000 lying around, so I can't afford the course materials SANS sells. I may be able to afford the $450 challenge fee, though.