OG Triller Watch Party... Belfort vs Holyfield

The shell is underrated. Shellfish kill 100s of Americans annually. That’s deadly shit. Next year shellfish are projected to kill more people than covid variants.

Definitely not early. Don’t be fooled by the phenomenal body. This man is 58. There was no chance for Evander to win that fight. Too slow, too stiff, had no balance, was getting lit the hell up with no moments of success.

What do you think, he was just about to come out with some wild combinations and really turn the tables? Get real. Grandpa shouldn’t have been in there. The ref did his job.

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based on holyfield being 60 years old, it was a good stop.

if you keep falling down while evading punches, you shouldn’t be in there.

Correct. He missed a punch and nearly fell out of the ring. He was more off-balanced than he was hurt. But like I said, if the ref sees you shell up like that, he will probably stop the match.

Nonsense, the shell is legit boxing defense and if its working, ie the defender isnt getting hit, the ref has no business stopping the match.

Again, I challenge anyone to show me a punch Vitor landed.

You know nothing about boxing. Bel already scored a knockdown with an uppercut, then he threw a flurry of punches forcing Holy to cover up. He didn’t respond by countering or clinching. When that happens, the ref could stop the fight.

If you watched the fight you would see the punches Vitor landed lmao

he landed on the uppercut that led to the knockdown and on top of Evander’s head right before the stoppage. None flush like Silva’s hit that KOed Tito but both did significant damage to 58 yer old Evander.

It was a clean fight and I think everyone is just happy Evander did not get hurt, he is obviously happy also as the money will do him good but he should call it a career and count his lucky stars the fight got stop when it did, he would have gotten severely KOed if that BS was allowed to continue, I’m sure the Triller owners are happy this did not turn into a murder scene with Trump being present and stuff.


Anderson Silva… national treasure