OG Water Fast Challenge - The Not Breakfast Club

Yeah, he told me he’s not fasting, I said okay, that wasn’t part of the deal what protocol we were going to use, god speed son

And he has a 5 day lead, should be interesting

My wife thinks I am going to throw it at the end to give him 100 dollars, uh no


Was on the fence, but feeling fat so…

Going for a 4 day. Should note that this weight was taken last night just in case, so day 1 is coming at the 24 hr mark today. I’m not time traveling.

Day 0: 95.8kg / 211.2 lbs


You gained back quite a bit. Did you eat bigly when breaking fast?
I ate until i threw up and then ate some more after my 7 day

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Lolz yeah, after my breakfast meal, I had a bunch of rum and cokes while I put together my Moussaka. Booze makes me retain a ton more water than usual.

Plus I’ve been a mousakka-tarian for the past two days, in addition to pasta and cereal and all the other cravings foods.


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Well I’m gay, broke at 24hrs. Goddamn you, Costco!

Day 0: 95.8kg / 211.2 lbs
Day 1: 94 kg / 207.2 lbs

Try again after the weekend.

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Hey you aren’t gay


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Wait a minute here.

You started a fast and went to Costco?!

That’s like making vows to your GF and then going to the Playboy mansion.


This isn’t a bulimia thread.

It’s a fasting thread.

There is a difference there.


Truer words…

I knew when I smelled the food court I was fucked. I did talk myself down from a combo pizza to a giant chicken caesar salad. Small victory.

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