Ogawa should get NO respect

I know its against forum rules to disrespect a fighter, but Ogawa is a grade A tosser who deserves NO respect in our beloved sport within which we all work and train hard.

Read his latest interview over at kakuto.com (gotta scroll down a bit). He admits he has no interest in winning the finals, he is just there to advertise Hustle (his competition)

man I hope Fedor hurts him, and hurts him bad

lol at the chubby Russian.

Dude the chubby russian you are talking about is the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

I honestly believe that Fedor will beat him so bad that he will never want to do a real fight again.

By the way the Leko and Goodrige fight's were real,if you believe that I have some beach front property in Arizona to sell you.

Nice try KKM

well one of his opponents did allude to it...Gary Goodridge said in a recent FCF that he was asked to throw the Ogawa fight but says he refused

ive asked a ton of guys if they just wanna lay down and let me pin them rather than actually fight it out.. all of them said no.

i cannot for the life of me imagine why somebody would lay down in MMA.. it isnt as if the money is that fuckin much-- it isnt as if we are talking about millions of dollars like those moros who fought tyson in his youth with no hope of winning.

what gets me is how stupid people on the UG can be.. 99.9% of them have never done any sambo in their lives and less have done judo.. yet, they think that sambo and judo are completly different and that fedor isnt a judoka for some reason. stupid tools.. they need to come visit the judo/SAMBO forum for once and get their dumbasses educated.

idunno who will win, but i know it wont be a thrown match.