Ogawa vs. Leko ? Legit ?

I certainly hope so, however, here's an interesting side note:

Ogawa and Leko are now scheduled to wrestle against each other in early May on a DSE promoted wrestling show ! WTF. They have'nt even fought in their "real fight" on the 4/25 Grand Prix, and DSE is building up a revenge angle match for a Hustle One (or is it Zero One) Pro wrestling show.

Crazy stuff in Japan. They did something similar after Sapp KO'd Hoost the first go round in K-1.

A week or so later, Hoost showed up at a wrestling show and smashed Sapp with a chair.

Hard to take Japan action seriously sometimes.

Hope the GP fight between the two of them is legit.

I hope so, but I doubt it. :(

LOL. This is an easy fight for Ogawa. HE's a silver medalist in Judo and you don't think he can beat a kickboxer w/ no ground skills?

We shouldn`t even have to ask but since we are it probably is. I look for Ogawa to win and move on.

I'm gonna pick Ogawa in a legit fight.

leko by ko.

ogawa isn't pride's house fighter.

i wouldn't assume that leko has no ground skills. there is no reason to make that assumption... he's been training with golden glory for a while now.

EvilYoshida, I was reading fightsport about two weeks or so and I noticed a post made by you where you said you had stopped trolling here because the whole Yoshida angle didn't work anymore. What gives? Are you gonna start from scratch now with Ogawa?

Leko looked great in his last MMA fight. I hope he beats Ogawa.

I think Ogawa will take this one. He has legit skills.

It could be that they booked the wrestling match regardless of who wins, but will build the storyline based on the outcome of the GP fight.

hermeneus, see PRIDE 6 and 11, and watch the Japanese version of 10 where Murakami/Satake work an angle to get Ogawa a fight with Satake. EVILYOSHIDA, you may be trollign now but watch Ghaffari/Ogawa, and tell me how thats even a passable shoot-style match? I've seen Hulk Hogan match more realistic than that one.

PolishPunisher, I don't see how good sprawling skills is going to help Leko. Ogawa is a judo player not a freestyle wrestler.

"Leko looked great in his last MMA fight."

Yeah, he was 0-0 record is very impressive.

Gotta wonder about this fight. It's still debatable whether or not Ogawa has ever fought in a shoot.

I hope it is legit and I will wait to see the fight before I call it a work.

"It could be that they booked the wrestling match regardless of who wins, but will build the storyline based on the outcome of the GP fight."

I could see this being the case and I believe it was the same with Sapp and Hoost.

Ogawa will easily win. He is much much more talented at judo than his "silver" medal indicates. He has a few gold medals, silver/bronzes, etc. at teh worlds as well, and won 6 All-Japan titles. His problem is that he was/is lazy, so others could beat him despite his talent (he actually went from no judo to being the world champion in BJ Penn speed btw...about 4 years which is unheard of).

There are only two possiblities for this fight.

Yoshida now makes more money than him which pisses him off so he is fighting for real, and will beat the smaller Leko.


He is doing a fake fight, in which case he made sure that he is the winner.

I think that this fight will be legit, but either way, Ogawa seems to be "easy" money, eh?

I remember reading about his liquid diet from Zach Arnold's site. Sothy, can you vouch for any of the odd rumors about Ogawa, sucha bout his problematic family life?

Liquid diet? Nah, I haven't heard anything about his personal life.