OGer Arrested Soliciting Teen w/Chicken Alfredo...

And Sprite.


Maruna allegedly sent numerous nude photos of himself to the undercover officer, who said on several occasions that he was only 15 years old.

When the two agreed to meet Tuesday, Maruna said he'd bring chicken Alfredo, Sprite and lubrication, according to police.

Sounds like a good deal to me

I think thats the new Olive Garden Holiday special.

Good Samaritan didn’t want the kid to be hungry. 

Was it cold?

Makes you wonder how many teens gave this guy the booty for this bounty

You left out the sprite and lubricant you dick. Don't bend the story to fit your clickbait narrative. I was ready to get my pitchfork.

Sounds like a fantastic date.

CavRyda -

Exactly the way I picture get a grip/orcus

Not sure about Chicken Alfredo, but chicken Tetrazzini will seduce any man.


CavRyda -

The kid from making a murderer?

Chicken and banging, that sounds nice.

CavRyda -


How is there no Chris Hanson meme yet?

That guy had no intention of sharing the chicken alfredo

Ehh for a good chicken Alfredo I would let him smash personally...its been a while since I had either

HurtFeelings - That guy had no intention of sharing the chicken alfredo

Yeah there were no leftovers. 

Fuck this guy.