OGer flips out at the beach - cries in mugshot LOL


An allegedly drunk man was arrested after going on a vicious tirade slamming Muslims on a Texas beach while grabbing himself in front of young children during a family reunion, police and witnesses said.

Alexander Downing, 35, of Waterford, Connecticut, was charged with public intoxication following the May 3 incident in South Padre Island, FOX 61 reported.

The family said Downing interrupted them with his hate-fueled rant as they were enjoying a day at the beach together.

“We were staying at the South Padre Pearl hotel and went to the beach through their private access,” a description of the 5-minute video reads. “My father was approached by two [women] who were also enjoying their time. The women asked him to help with talking to a stranger who was harassing them. All my father said to the guy was, ‘Please enjoy your time and have fun and let everyone else here enjoy their time.’ The guy seemed to listen and walked away. He then came back to my father and started throwing racist comments.”

Downing, according to the video, unleashed a litany of racist comments toward the family — even likening them to terrorists in ISIS.

“Guess what? You will never, ever, ever stop my Christianity from rising above your Sharia law,” Downing said. “Your Sharia law don’t mean s–t to me! Guess what? Guess what? ISIS don’t me s–t to me, mother f–kers!”

Downing then began ranting for the family to beware of President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump! Donald Trump got you mother f–ker,” Downing said. “Watch …. watch!”

The family kept their cool during the ordeal, but called police. Downing left to a nearby hotel, but was arrested when he went to the hotel’s restaurant a short time later.

A relative who was at the beach during the incident told BuzzFeed News that Downing should also face charges for indecency for grabbing his crotch and telling the group to “suck my d–k” in front of several young children.

“I want people to understand that this man needs to be charged with indecent behavior in front of kids and a minor,” the relative, who only wanted to use his first name Ahmed, BuzzFeed News. He also blasted hotel staffers, who allowed him back after his arrest.

“We will definitely go back to the beautiful island but will never go back to the Pearl Hotel,” he said.

The general manager of the hotel told BuzzFeed News that the incident took place on a public beach and that hotel employees were unaware of it until watching it online the following morning.



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Big_Data - Lol @ that mugshot Jesus Christ man

From raging bigot to crying baby. Hilarious.

Good to see real Americans standing up to the tyranny of sharia law

Looks like he is one of Donald's "poorly educated"

Sometimes a man has to do what a man's gotta do and that is grab his junk in front of kids in a leering manner.

This obviously all over news down there?

God those white supremacist, so racist, lets make sure the left jams this down our throats for the next 2 months

How has that dude not had his ass kicked... a bunch?

Kinda looks like Chris Leben.

What a dumbass. As a Trump supporter, I would have dumped him on his head, and apologized to that family.

eubie5 - What a dumbass. As a Trump supporter, I would have dumped him on his head, and apologized to that family.

same here

that guy was lucky he didnt catch a headbutt

A regular Trump voter, no surprise there.

The world is going to be such a better place when all religions are eradicated.

teflonbilly - A regular Trump voter, no surprise there.

"Regular" trump voters wouldn't/don't stand for that faggot's antics and would intervene


i wonder who that white texan that intervened voted for?

Racist northeastern Yankees trying to make Texas look bad .

teflonbilly - A regular Trump voter, no surprise there.

Yeah man, 60+ million running around out there, JUST LIKE THIS GUY! 

Good thing there are smart people around here like you to recognize this. 


Fake booze

Did Ned get a haircut and grow serveral inches?