OGer gets chewed out for taking creepshots



creep GIF


Super Troopers Smh GIF by Searchlight Pictures
Its still in his trash folder, loud POC lady

Take her picture out yo fuckin mouf!

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I remember that pervert that beat up the dad of a boy. Dad look sort of swole but couldn’t fight for shit. Dad needs to lift less weights and roll more

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I’m too sly!

Lol dude. No offense intended. I love you. I hadn’t seen in you forever either.

I always had my head on a swivel when taking the kids to amusement parks and water parks.

I’m sure there were lots, but I only spotted a few. It was easiest at the water parks because it was fat, pasty white dudes sitting under umbrellas with Digital SLR cameras and long lenses.

All you have to do is catch their eye or get in front of them when they’re taking a picture and they scatter.

It was harder at the amusement parks because you stand in longer lines and people always have cameras out…

Luckily, I don’t have any daughters. But, my youngest son has very unique strawberry blonde hair. At Disney World one time, Asians were taking pictures of him. They said they had never seen hair color like that before. It was odd.