OG'er mataleo KO's Trudeau .. Memorialized forever

Wore my shirt for the first time. I felt a lot more manly and my love for trans trannies and Antifa went way down.

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Did you tell the story behind it. That’s have the fun

My friends and I have taken to saying, “You’re gonna get Trudeau’ed” when talking about KOing someone.

wore my shirt the other day and got laid.

With a woman too !!


I got to try that too someday…with a woman


Someone with photoshop skills:

Place the shirt on black face Trudeau.

Need a full torso version.

Nah, went to eat with a couple buddies. They don’t have a clue who Justin Trudeau is haha



well done Mongo VU

Is that Sophie Gregoire Trudeau?

you should go after SGT… it would be the perfect way to finish the thread

That would indeed be the perfect conclusion to the story.

Might not be age-appropriate for a t-shirt however.

The knockout punch that we really need now (posted this in another thread also). Would be amazing if this could be pulled off…