OG'er mataleo KO's Trudeau .. Memorialized forever

awesome !!! glad they are arriving


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Bro when u are back in Montreal we can sandwich a nurse anytime. no eye contact tho, that would be gai

I can get triple-deckered without your help, thank you very much.

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Wear the shirts fags

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Watch your language.

I still have 1-2 cue sticks.

And you don’t have protection from the secret service.

I don’t want to have to design a second t-shirt because of your insolence

Beautiful, champ!

Oh snap!

Mataleo going craaazy up in this b1tch!

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i’ll let you triangle choke me anytime


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Episode 17 Laughing GIF by The Simpsons

No shirt yet



Did you get the matching underwear at least?

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Family Guy Reaction GIF

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whhhaaattt … they all went out the same day.

Let me do some checking to see where you’re at

We took a picture of the package at the post office

Nope. I’m getting fucked all around! :rofl:

I believe you. I’m just updating my status. I’m sure it’s still on the way.

ted hump GIF

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Am I to believe that it’s just a coincidence that the t-shirts have not been received AND that you just made a thread about making 100k per year?? :slight_smile:

Joking of course


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