OGer upset woman won't go home with him

Her: I have no problem paying for my own meal

Him: ok, so do it. Pay for your own bill.

Her: are you being serious right now? You’re a fucking asshole.

Guess she had a problem with it after all.


He should’ve said he was kidding and ordered her a pie for dessert…and then given her the Ol’ Corrado Soprano and shoved it in her face.


You think his petulance had anything to do with it? She offered to pay before he turned into an asshole.


I’m constantly blown away by what delicate bitches modern men have become.

When she initially offered to pay, let her pay. Don’t act like covering the bill entitles you to pussy and throw a fit when you don’t get it.


How many generations have passed since men thought a meal entitled them to sex? I’m 49 and never thought footing the bill (especially on the first date) would turn into sex. If it did, that woman was not on my potential mate list. At 26, I waited for 3 months with my now wife of 22 years.

If you want a whore, just fucking get a whore - you don’t have to feed them.


You don’t? Fuck, now you tell me.


I could not imagine dating right now. She’s an asshole for recording. I’m sure that factored into her approach. Anything for likes.

He sounded rather frail as well.

this. especially today with so many nsa type websites and apps. buying dinner is for chicks you want to get to know. it often turned into sex, but i never expected it. if you just want to fuck, hit a bar or tinder.

my guess is shes hot and this happens to her a lot.

That you on the date? She started recording most likely because of the vibe she was picking up from him as she was trying to exit the situation. And sounds like she was spot on with him. She didn’t show his face either, just documented the exchange.


Yep that was me. I’m sorry I dared to call the girl your best friends with out.

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Dude. You’re 49.

Things have. Changed amigo

Back in the day when you asked a woman out for dinner it was most likely because you knew each other in some way. She wasn’t a complete stranger.

Back before tinder you would have to know someone or cold approach on the street. (See them in person at least )

Guys didn’t ask 100’s if women out and women weren’t asked out by 100’s of men and would never say yes to someone they weren’t attracted to in some way

Right now with dating apps I’m not asking a woman I’ve never met out for dinner. Not happening

Especially on tinder where. It’s known for being a hookup app.

This guy fucked up by going to dinner on a 1st date with (most likely ) a stranger. Let this be a lesson

Don’t buy someone dinner you’ve never even met in person

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Isn’t that her at the beginning?

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I’ll take that one step further and add in the obvious caveat : “but if you do, don’t be an asshole when they don’t want to fuck you”

He should have never taken her out on a dinner for the first date. Always coffee in a café or even just a walk. Never ask her out, always suggest to go out. Asking to go out = She’s doing you a favour and you’re paying for it.

Next, if he wanted to call her on her bluff, he should’ve told her to pay straight away. It makes absolutely ZERO difference whether she’ll fuck you or not if she pay for drinks or dinner. She made up her mind with the first 20 seconds of meeting. In fact, making her pay may better as you’re financially investing her in this.

Next, this guy didn’t take an obvious hint and and had an entitled attitude. In this guy’s mind, buy you dinner = sex. The moment she said “I appreciate it”, she’s backing off. Call her bluff if you want, but she has already let you know that she’s not interested.

What should happen is this: Meet up, chat, coffee (You can offer, or just buy it before meeting), see how you get on. That’s it! Don’t spend more than an hour, always be the first to leave. Strike, make a good first impression, get out.

The second date, maybe dinner. If you’re good, she’ll either come over or invite you and pizza is all you need. But anyway, If she offers to split, then do it. If not, listen to the hints, don’t be pushy and let her on her way to her next Tinder date. Don’t have expectations.

NEVER! I repeat, NEVER do what she wants or inconvenience yourself or go out of your way. Always do what YOU want. Go where YOU want. Think of your date as basically child or a dog that goes with you. She’s on your time. That way you won’t be losing out on much and if she doesn’t want it, at least you had your fun.


this guy had no game and it shows. She knew he would be a child before it even got to this point and he proved it.

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probably. looks hot but you never know.