OGers in Colombia - Be Careful

Regarding Panama, Colombia, etc, a few questions:

  1. Relatively safe for an expat who lives in a descent area?
  2. I think I read taxes are pretty low and are friendly (low) - I assume this is based on tax treaties with the US, Canada, etc?
  3. Healthcare costs?

Good thread btw…

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Taxes in Colombia are very low if you’re not Colombian. Poor Colombians get taxed to death.

Health care…. Off the charts good from what I’ve seen. If you’ve got insurance. My wife had to get X-rays, cat scan and MRI. By the time she was back in her hospital room, I had access (back home) to a website that had all full scans that I was able to give to doctor and radiologist friend for second and third opinions. A top orthopedic surgeon at home said if she needed surgery, then she should get it there as the doctors are very good.

The radiologists said that they wished that they had access to such good software.

We always think that these countries suck for healthcare, it’s just not so.


I pay 150 or less a month for me and my wife and Drs come to the house for common issues. I had a surgery here and it was the best medical experience ive ever had. It costed 700 bucks out of pocket ( before i had insurance) and a nurse came toy apartment everyday for a week to givee a pain shot. The Dr called for three days checking on me. You got gringo money you’ll have the best medical you’ve ever had


Petro takes over tomorrow:

Be careful they said …



Jesus, man. Glad you made it.

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Colombia. Medellin area. Best weather/climate. Don’t waste your time in Panama unless you have business interests there. It sucks.

Panama is dirty and hot. Full of hookers, who happen to 100% be from Colombia.


Poblando? Lol?

There are clearly not a fraction of the Gringos in Envigado that there are in Poblado. Not even close.

I second Sabaneta. Wonderful little town just a 15 minute cab ride to all the action in Provenza

Yeah I’m not a fan of coastal Panama but I really like Boquete and Volcan. They’re very small and boring and that’s fine for me. I’m in Grand Cayman right now and have most likely stumbled into a business opportunity so I may end up here, at part of the year. But Colombia is definitely beautiful with perfect weather.