OGers that are into boxing


Another question…

Will training boxing one day, and muay thai the next, back and forth like that, be good or bad? Meaning, is the stance, footwork, and technique different enough that I will be hurting my training? Or, do they compliment each other? Will going back and forth as a newbie help?

No I don’t it will hurt your training. Most people don’t teach a “traditional” muay thai cirriculum and there will be tons of overlap. Just don’t kick anyone in boxing class, you’ll be fine.

The traditional Muay Thai Stance is different than boxing, mma, or kickboxing.

Western Boxing is more linear with the foot placement.

While your MMA/Kickboxing is a much more squared, like muay thai

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I made a double end bag out of an old basketball and some bungee cords its cheap but works well

Icy Mike likes that!

Double end bags are pretty cheap though. I picked up some leather ones from ringside for about 30 each (returns from warehouse) and had to pay 7 dollars for a bungee cord and a rubber tie down from Lowes to get it right. I set it up at my gym and attach it to their TRX stretching rack up top and weigh it down with a kettlebell/hex dumbbell (round dumbbells move too much.)

Here is a stupid question. Any tricks to composing yourself in sparing? Basically my style is extremely aggressive and I have not spared in a long time. When I did I didn’t have any of this ability I have developed in training the past year. I don’t want to be a spaz. lol.

Running is coming a long better than expected. I have never been a smoker and I wear knee braces daily so despite being a big guy I don’t struggle as bad as I expected. I am still just doing a mile a day at this point but it is something to start out and it isn’t difficult.

I really do want to try this. Just wish I was younger.

Sparring questions are tricky because they’re very situational.

I know you’re around Philly, so gambit is wide open. So sparring could be doing partner drills where you’re both trying to make the other work for success or it could be a glorified gym fight.

The shortest answer I can give is: Kill your ego. Kill it before you put yourself in a position that someone kills it for you.

You have to ask yourself why you’re doing it. Are you doing it to get an adrenaline rush as soon as possible? You can get that by getting better safely over the long haul. Or are you doing it because you want to “fit in?” or “Prove yourself” at your new gym? Or is it because it is the next logical, manageable, and rewarding goal of your training?

Even with the best daily minute by minute paid coaching in the world, you’re responsible for at least 80% of the results. In almost every other amateur situation, it’s closer to 90-95%. You can’t rely on a sparring partner or coach who you barely know or your own optimistic appraisal of your own abilities to keep you safe.

At your age and injury history, your number 1 bar priority should be avoiding layoffs and keeping yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally ready to put in the daily work.

Everything else is at the bottom of the heap.

It’s like those middle age middle belt BJJ guys who never become black belts because they get mashed up trying to “humble” every wrestler half their age that steps on the mats.

“Protect YOURSELF at ALL times!”

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I used a pair of ringside “pro” bag gloves for years. The kind I had didn’t have any kind of wrist support and I honestly preferred it. Very light glove. Let your wrist support come from your wraps.

I just finally upgraded to a pair of Reyes and really like them. Mostly because I’m old and frail and like having the extra padding now. Also the extra weight on the glove makes me feel like I still have punching power.

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I’ve been a fan since Sonny Liston was competing - he’s the first boxer I remember, and I was I guess 5. I never competed but have sparred a ton of pros in gyms all over.

Losing 40 pounds is absolutely amazing. I bow to you. I would say just keep doing what you’re doing - it’s amazing.

If you want to compete, find a gym with a competent trainer. Maybe you could do a White Collar bout, or a smoker.

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I am starting getting the training at an MMA/ BJJ gym as the closest pure boxing boxing gym is over 20 miles away. It isn’t the specific training I seek but they are a great gym with good instructors. I do feel that once I go through with this after and after I at some point get my shoulder properly addressed medically that it will lead me back to BJJ, something that I truly loved but shoulder injuries have kept me from it for over a decade now.

My ego will get put in check for sure. Right now I am the heavyweight champion of…

My basement.

I’m feeling myself too much for sure for a year of bag work and boxing obsession. But I at least expect to get put on my ass or to puke from a body shot. Probably for the best.

Once I start to spar though I need to try and not be a spaz. When I use to train striking it wasn’t an issue before because I was terrible. lol. I was a grappler doing some striking training. Now I spent a year of Covid restrictions spending every damn day doing bag work and watcing/reading boxing. I just need to figure out how to scale it back.