OG'ers With Gallbladder Issues Please Check In!

So other than my obvious other issues I have gallbladder stones, which have caused me pain on the right side for years, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Since my colon surgery my body doesn’t really react well to high fiber things. The other day I went out to lunch had a huge salad with many different raw veggies on it, well that night, I had right side pain, diarrhea, chills, and a low grade fever. Since I was having a procedure done 2 days later, I went and had a Covid test that came back negative. I also talked to the PA about gallbladder and she gave me bentyl which seemed to work pretty good for a day or so.

How many of you guys have had those symptoms with a gallbladder attack. I’m tempted to get another scan, but I’ve had so many I’m glowing.

Any info would be great.

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I had a gallbladder issue one. Once.

My wife had hers swell up huge, and she ate a lot of raw ginger and fixed it.

I had those exact symptoms. It started out twice a year, then once a month, then every two weeks, then weekly.

Then I got my gallbladder removed and all is good. I have to be careful if I eat really shitty food (McDonalds, cheap pizza, etc) as I’ll have a diarrhea attack 30-90 min later but otherwise best decision ever.

Thanks dude. I am going to get scanned.