OGGCTT - Gun advice

Do I buy one Sig P238 (.380 1911 style pocket pistol) OR

A Ruger LCP AND Ruger SR22?

I want all of these guns at some point. I can get the SR22 and LCP for the price of the P238. The pocket gun (LCP or P238) will actually be a car gun. The SR22 is a solid plinking .22LR pistol. I can knock 2 needs off of my list or one. The P238 costs as much as both combined.

I am leaning toward the LCP/SR22 combo as I will actually save some money and get a couple of good gun purchases out of the way.

So, what say OG?

Also, here are pics if a blue would be so kind:

P238 Scorpion - $598


Ruger SR22 - $290


Ruger LCP - $270


Wat do OG?

Moving to the OG

LCP / SR22 IMO, simply because I love the LCP as a CCW option and because I'm not a 1911 fan.

Ruger LCP for $270?????

I'm guessing semi auto

Sagiv Lapkin -

LCP / SR22 IMO, simply because I love the LCP as a CCW option and because I'm not a 1911 fan.

Just did this. Still have two new gun threads when they arrive :) Phone Post

*will Phone Post

RickStorm -

Moving to the OG

Ty sir. Phone Post

In most magazines test results the p238 was the most accurate and reliable of about 10 .380's that were tested with the LCP finishing 2nd I believe with worse accuracy but also good reliability. (All had 500 rounds shot through before a reliability test). If you carry and shoot a 1911 and are more comfortable with single action get the p238. Otherwise get the LCP. both get great reviews by both professionals and buyers. Phone Post 3.0

I bought the SR22 AND LCP.

Did I buy two guns today?

You're god damn right I did.

I also just bought $115 in ammo for it. 100 target, 25 Hornady Critical Defense, and 100 9mm for the XDm.

So, spent about $700 on guns and ammo today. All I have to say is BLUE PLEASE EMBED THIS:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/tX5ZRE26YWM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Wicked Enzo - Sorry didn't read it all. But are you planning on carrying the p238? I did for about a year and didn't particularly enjoy it. Heavy for what it is. It's a difficult piece for a quality follow up shot. If you've got any size to your hands you'll find it uncomfortable to shoot. Just my $.02 Phone Post 3.0

Gonna be a car gun. Got the LCP. I might move to something a little bigger in the future but I have wanted a little 380 pocket gun for a long time. Finally got the purchase out of the way.