OGPL: Coaching Moves

Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta Falcons

Buffalo Bills

Chicago Bears

N.Y. Giants

Oakland Raiders

Washington Redskins

Arizona Cardinals: Dan Reeves

Atlanta Falcons: Lovie Smith

Buffalo Bills: Romeo Crennel

Chicago Bears: Jim Fassel

N.Y. Giants: Tom Coughlin

Oakland Raiders: Dennis Green

Washington Redskins: Ray Rhodes

Rumor has it that Marv Levy has contacted both the Redskins and the Bears regarding interest in their head coaching positions!

Arizona Cardinals--Fassell

Atlanta Falcons--Dennis Green

Buffalo Bills--Romeo Crennell

Chicago Bears--Reeves

N.Y. Giants--Lovie Smith

Oakland Raiders--they'll promote an assistant

Washington Redskins--Nick Saban

Nick Saban...hmmm i doubt that.
It's going to take a coach with no brains to coach the skins, as long they have Snyder as the owner..That guy sucks and I feel bad for skins fan's who have to put with a owner like that.

Arizona Cardinals:Reeves

Atlanta Falcons:Mike Mularky

Buffalo Bills:Tim Lewis

Chicago Bears:College guy

N.Y. Giants: Dennis Green

Oakland Raiders: Jim Fassell

Washington Redskins:???

The latest news on the Bears is they are not interviewing Fassell, and the insiders seem to think Angelo is waiting for Saban to decide if he would like to interview or not. No way Reeves goes to the Bears. Personally, if we don't get Saban, I'd prefer Mike Nolan (D-coordinator for Ravens) or Mike Singletary (wish). If Ferentz is ever going to leave Iowa I guess I'd hope he goes to the Bears, but I prefer him staying put.

Question - If you were NFL head coach material, and had choice over all of these openings, which would you take?

Falcons. No question.

Coughlin is close to signing with the NYG. Saban is hesitating signing a new contract at LSU.

Falcons would be my 2nd choice. I believe the Bears are a very good place to be right now. And if you win in Chicago you will be cherished forever.

Bears, Cardinals, wait til next year and go to sandiego or miami!!

How is the Cardinals a good spot to go? Terrible upper management.


Skins can have Gibbs.

Buffalo will have a rediculous defense next year if they get Romeo.