OGPL Results?

Who won this season?

Anyone have the final standings?

no one has the results?

i won!

I'll go ahead and claim victory, in that case :)

Just kidding, although I was in the top 1/4 when the season results stopped getting put up.

yeah i was in the top 3 or 4 at that point and i dont think i lost more than 3 or 4 the rest of the way

The OGPL did officially lose steam midway through the season when the site crashed and we lost a week. Our 'membership' dropped almost in half right off the bat. And membership slowly declined after that.

I just finally gave up keeping track. We're going to try again next year, and I intend to keep a better tab on predictions and results in case something like that happens again...

Brooks (Khun Kao)

i will make my acceptance speach on a later thread thank you all very much


Cool. I'll help keep track next season as well.