OGPL Week 14 Results & Standings

Week 14 Results:

415 Thai Boxer  14-2

Khun Kao  13-3
cwm191  13-3

saucylv33  12-4

Yuki  12-4
tjmitch  12-4
JM  12-4
Cousin Eddie  12-4
LgFriess  12-4
Tapped Out  12-4

RyanWilcox  11-5
Pretjah  11-5
RyanWilcox  11-5

macdawg  10-6

sweet, and I was the only person to pick the Niners, has that happened yet?

Thanks for the 13 wins however I believe I only had 11 right.

I will double check right now.

i can now only brag about result of weeks, but not the overall standings. Its ok there is always next season. I just hope to finsh this season as far away from my og last spot.

Pretty good week all-around though, with everybody finishing in double-digits.

415 Thai Boxer....

The important thing is that you won a week. You could wind up in last place for the season, but for one week, you stand alone on top....


I'll be posting the overall standings shortly....

You need to do a recount on mine.

All about Karma!!! Don't want to get in bad with the betting gods!

Overall Standings:

Yuki  142-66   (.682)

cwm191  138-70    (.663)


Saucylv33   137-71    (.658)


Cousin Eddie  136-72    (.653)


Pretjah  133-75   (.639)
LgFriess  133-75   (.639)

JM  132-76   (.634)

Khun Kao  130-78    (.625)


415 Thai Boxer  126-82   (.605)


RyanWilcox  124-84    (.596)

tjmitch  124-84   (.596)


??? Did I miscalculate your total?

Crap! You're right, Saucy! I accidentally counted your Jets pick as a win....

I am making the adjustments now.... Thanks for being honest!

Well, since we're being honest here, you accidentally gave me extra wins in weeks 11 and 12 (1 each). I tried to tell you, but I guess you didn't see the posts.


"Thanks for being honest!"

I would never want to upset the betting gods!



OK, Cousin Eddie, thanks for being honest as well. I will make the corrections shortly

CORRECTIONS HAVE BEEN MADE! Thanks to 'Saucylv33' and 'Cousin Eddie' for their honesty!!!


Please double check your results and standings for any mistakes. I'm only human. I don't want to screw you by cheating you out of wins, or screw anyone else by cheating them out of their legitimate ranking.


ah...yeah you made some mistakes....I went 16-0 the last two weeks....*anything to stay out of the cellar

LOL, man I suck, I'm at the bottom every week with my predictions.....

Can someone throw me a vest?

Thanks KK

Funny Thing is, I picked all picks pretty drunk in the morning and what my brother pointed out is, that i have done better after getting drunk then any of my other weeks =(.

So what are you drinking this weekend? :)

Hmm Anything... and shitload of it too. I'm trying to make a comeback lol.