OGPL Week 6 Results & Standings

Week 6 Results:

Yuki  12-2
Pretjah  12-2
cwm191  12-2
JM  12-2

415 Thai Boxer  11-3
Khun Kao  11-3
SteveSmoker  11-3

LgFriess  10-4
Cousin Eddie  10-4
Brian Davis  10-4
madsexy1  10-4

tjmitch  8-6
RyanWilcox  8-6
Tapped Out  8-6
saucylv33  8-6

Overall Standings:

Yuki  60-28    (.681)

Saucylv33   59-29    (.670)
JM  59-29    (.670)
SteveSmoker  59-29    (.670)

Cousin Eddie  56-32    (.636)
Brian Davis  56-32    (.636)
cwm191  56-32    (.636)

Pretjah  55-33    (.625)

Khun Kao  54-34    (.613)

LgFriess  53-35    (.602)

RyanWilcox  52-36    (.590)
tjmitch  52-36    (.590)

415 Thai Boxer  46-43    (.522)

climbing the ladder

I'm slowly gaining ground as well.

And we are now all above .500!!!

This is like the Amazing Race...Think you have a lead and then everyone is right in it again. :)

I know, isn't that a trip? You were winning week in and week out, but one weekend bender later and everyone has caught up to you....

Like I've said before, this is a marathon, not a sprint. We're not even 1/2 way through the season yet....


Nice week, Yuki! All hail the chief!

thank god for thai boxer...thats all Im saying

wow, best week yet

"thank god for thai boxer...thats all Im saying"


you guys better tighten up your ranks, because 415 Thai Boxer has quietly been moving up. Yes, he's still in last place, but his averages are steadily improving each week. He's almost caught back up with the pack.


why am I not in the standings?? I only missed one week.


Reread the Rules & Regulations of the OGPL.  Unfortunately, you miss 1 week, and you're out of the official rankings.  You will be counted in the Weekly Results post, but not the Overall Standings.

Brooks (Khun Kao)

thats cool.I can figure it up myself.thanks for answering.


yeah, I'm sorry 'bout it though. Its just that I don't have the spare time to figure out everyones standings + account for those who aren't able to pick each week. Keeping track of the total # of games for each player would be a nightmare.

Brooks (Khun Kao)

Movin on up.... to the east side!!!!!!

thank god for thai boxer...thats all Im saying


Hey tjmitch lets ee if we i can catch up and get a better position than u. Seriously the first 3 weeks kicked my ass seriously and i slowly movin up though. I feel like rudy lol except i know im down right now.Also being a die hard niner fan has cause me some wins.....bunch of schmoes.