Oh Canada: sept federal election

OTTAWA — A vast majority of Canadians believe the country is more divided than ever following the federal election, according to a new poll, with more than half saying Justin Trudeau should step down after a cynical and opportunistic campaign.

In a survey by Maru Public Opinion, 77 per cent of respondents said Canada feels more fractured than ever following a summer campaign that produced roughly the same seat count as the last parliamentary session. Just 23 per cent of respondents said the country is now more unified under Trudeau. A slim majority of respondents (52 per cent) said Canada’s democratic system is broken and “needs a major overhaul.”


What would happen if the PM would resign? Would there be another election?

Internal Liberal party convention to pick the new leader who then becomes the PM. It would no doubt be Chrystia Freeland.


She looks like a cunt.

Ugh. No winning.


She is…

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This would happen. She’d be better than Justin. Will take a bit more groundswell to get there

Freeland is one opportunistic biotch.

…and she’d still be better than Trudeau.

She’s learned the liberal text book on Parliament question period… give no answers. Just repeat the liberal talking point even when it’s 180 deg from the question asked.

You have to think that someone like Garneau would be looked at too.

She’s deputy PM and the Finance Minister - she’s being groomed for the role already. Garneau is too old white male for the future Liberal empire.

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I don’t disagree, but part of me can’t help but to feel like she doesn’t want to be Canada’s next Kim Campbell. I could see her stepping in after he loses to try to win an election. I just wonder if she’d be down to get the spot by default.

I mean old and white isn’t so bad if it’s for the right team. Look at who’s leading down in the states.

Although according to Trudeau Canada is long overdue to have a female prime minister…Kim who?

That would essentially have Klaus Schwab running our Country. That women needs to be expelled from parliament.

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He considers himself a “male feminist” so I assume he was referring to himself / herself…

full conference 29:54

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what a fucking joke.

how do people not see its a complete scam and power grab?

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Now they’re calling for 90% vaccination rates for herd immunity. It was originally 70% iirc.


these people are absolute nutters.


society is completely fucked.


I remember hearing 55 - 60% in the winter when we were still struggling to get shots in the country. Its a bunch of crap.


Why that hag write a book about the 1917 Russian revolution?