Oh Canada: sept federal election

How did he win if he’s so unpopular then?

Because 40% of Canadians are committed fans of the Liberal team.

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because this is a downside to when you have more than a 2 party system. the votes get passed around to the point someone who wins 30% of the total votes gets to run the country.

even worse than that, in a country of about 40 million the liberals got 6+ million votes and won. just 15% of the country voted for the ruling party (this includes all citizens not just eligible voters)

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So did you flannel wearing, French speaking, nickelback listening, maple syrup drinking, hickey loving gentlemen vote in this blackface apologist tyrant or what?


Hickeys are and have always been annoying

For what it’s worth…

Help save Canadian’s freedom of choice!

A tyrannical government has taken hold of Canada under the guise of “The Liberal Party of Canada”. Mandates are being implemented as law and are undoubtedly undercutting our democracy and human rights.

If you want to overthrow this communist-tyrannical-regime we need at least 35 members of parliament (MPs) to support a proposal to initiate such a vote. A majority of MPs (175 members) must vote for a motion of no confidence for it to be successful.

An individual minister who loses a confidence vote must resign.

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Won’t happen

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Change.org petitions are idiotic.

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Although I think that having more than 2 parties is important, and probably a better system that a binary one, it does lead to issues such as this one.

Example, the PPC drains from the Cons and he Greens drain from Libs and the NDP.

The only party that really has it’s sh1t together in terms of swinging a vote are the Bloc and they get decimated here and there every few elections if they screw up.

Trudeau is the worst PM of my lifetime and is dividing this country more than ever and at some point people will wise up and see this but it might be too late.