Oh Floppy!!!

you ready for this years SN bet?

i pick my red sox...you takin the angels?

Where did Floppy disappear to? I'm guessin all that cheap hooch he drinks finally got to him. He's probably layin ass up in a ditch somewhere in Santa Barbara ;)

passed out in a drained pool

what a boozer/loser


LOL @ this thread. LOL @ Floppy's Steel Reserve, LOL @ Floppy passed out in a drained pool, and LOL @ having to ttt a thread on the ultra-high-traffic MLB forum :)


come on stool sample

you wuss

Since the A's are out I figured the sn bet was off. But if you still want to bet so badly let's wait until the next series. :)

done and done

i didnt know if you were just gonna go against the sox

its on mofo

pick the name for me...yours is already set

I love Boston, just don't like the Sox. Got me one of them nifty Yankee Hater hats while I was out there, even though I might end up picking them to beat you guys. :)

"I love Boston, just don't like the Sox. "

cant have it both ways john kerry

LOL!!!! Nobody said shit to me for my A's hat until Monday night. Some drunken dude in a business suit walking back from the bar. We had a funny little convo.

la la la

hey now, um im high on caffiene